The Maldives Part 2: Our Engagement!


Hi guys!

Thank you all so much for your amazing feedback about my Maldives travel post last night! I’m so glad you all loved it, I know some of you couldn’t view the video – I went through all of the settings today, and nothing seemed to work. A few people did tell me that if you watch it from a computer, it works? So maybe try that?

So anyway…. I promised you all a post about my engagement, and as much as I want to keep certain parts private, I will spill the beans on some aspects and give you an insight 🙂

As cliched as it sounds, it really was the most perfect proposal! And a huge shock too! I know we were in a romantic location, but you see, Dylan is a really bad liar so I always thought I would guess when he was planning to propose, but I genuinely didn’t suspect a thing.

It took me by complete and utter surprise and how he managed to keep the proposal under wraps for so long is absolutely beyond me! I’m actually now worried that he’s learned how to lie!! Haha!

I have to say though, overall, he really outdid himself with the engagement. I couldn’t believe how much thought and planning he put into it.

engaged dec 2015

So the story goes…..

Dylan had actually planned on proposing to me on the second night we were there, but after all the travelling, my body had swollen so much that none of my jewellery or clothes would fit me! Of course his plans were shot to hell because he knew it wouldn’t fit haha….. so in the end he decided to wait a few more nights.

The gas thing is, Dylan later told me that both of our families knew he was going to propose on the second night, so when he didn’t do it as planned, he had to make a few frantic calls home to warn them not to say anything! Could you IMAGINE… It would be so typical of my dad to txt congrats or something and put his foot right in it.. haha.. but thankfully no one did.

When we arrived to the resort on the first day, I had a good read of the excursions and activities going on in the resort and one of them was a private beach setting for dinner – AMAZE. I mentioned to Dylan about how I’d like to book a private beach dinner for the one of the nights to celebrate his birthday (it was his birthday while we were there). At the time he fobbed it off, saying it was quite expensive and that we could go to the resort restaurant instead that looks out onto the tropical sea instead (pic below)….

Turns out he had already planned a private beach dinner for the night of the proposal! (I’ve butterflies writing this lol)

e90ca2e7_bcaa_410e_90b9_248e8754b3a8Dinner at the restaurant by the sea (The Residence, Maldives)

Basically, a private beach dinner in the Maldives is one of those incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences because it’s just complete luxury. You and your partner are brought to a private beach where you have a candle lit dinner made by your own private chef and you also have your own waiter. It’s pure indulgence and something I have ALWAYS wanted to do.

Anyway on our second last night, Dylan organised the buggy to take us to dinner, like he did most nights. I thought we were going to the usual restaurant, but what I didn’t realise is that Dylan had planned the private beach dinner for that night.

We were supposed to leave at 7.45 pm but of course typical me, it was 8.10 pm before I was ready! Poor Dylan was sweating it haha! He had organised a candle lit entrance and he was so worried that if we were late, it wouldn’t look exactly as he had planned.

So, while we were making our way to dinner when suddenly the buggy turned in a different direction to where I had assumed we were going. Straight away I asked Dylan why were taking a different route and it was at that point that I saw the pathway entirely lit up with candles. This was the path led to the private beach so I was in complete shock when I realised where we were going!

I actually got so emotional, I don’t even know why! I think its because Dylan isn’t usually THAT romantic, or great at surprises (or so I thought). That said, I still didn’t twig that he was going to propose, like c’mon that’s a huge thing for any relationship and it’s not something you think of too often… I just assumed it was a nice gesture to end what had been our dream holiday!


So after being greeted by our waiters and being lead to our table, I just couldn’t get over how beautiful the setting was.

Candles were lit the entire way from the beach entrance right to our table, and then to the left of the table was a square beach bed and a bonfire lit for afterwards.

I asked the waiter for what use and he said it’s for the couple to lie down and star gaze, which sounded unbelievable and something I would LOVE!

maldives 3

The meal itself was a full 5 course dinner and a bottle of wine, of course. Funnily enough, I did notice that Dylan ordered an extra bottle of wine for dinner that night, we’d usually only order the one, but that night the drinks were flowing and now I know why –  to help with his nerves! Haha!

When our dinner was finished, our waiter lead us over to the beach bed and and threw some extra wood on the bonfire. He then gave us a shisha and thanked us for our lovely evening and himself and the chef left the beach.


At that point it was just myself and Dylan on the beach enjoying our wine and talking about what a great trip we’d had looking at the stars.

After a few glasses of wine, a puff of the shisha, I stood up to look into the water at the glowing fish and as I turned around, Dylan was there with a huge smile on his face, on one knee with the ring in the air…. I NEARLY DIED!!!!!!! Of course, I cried and then said YES!

The most amazing proposal.

All I will say is, it was a very emotional experience and very much the perfect engagement. Whenever my friends and I chatted about marriage proposals, I always said my preference would be to have a memorable moment that would take me by complete surprise. Well Dylan did exactly that, and any of you who watched my Snapchat video following the proposal were no doubt able to see how visibly shocked I was!


The engagement ring was another thing that took me by surprise. It was STUNNING and glistened beautifully in the candle light. It was 100% my style, and I still can’t believe it’s mine.

On that note, I want to say a BIG thanks to Rocks Jewellers on Grafton Street, who helped Dylan with the design. I’m so thrilled with it!

So there you go guys, that’s all I’m sharing about the proposal!  Because it was such a special, personal time for the both of us, Dylan and I have decided to keep parts of it private which I’m sure you can all understand.

However, between today’s post and yesterdays, I do hope I have answered all your questions about the Maldives!

Lots of love,


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  1. Steven
    19 February 2016 / 22:46

    Congrats to you both, love the blog posts! My fiance and i will be in Bora Bora next month. We hope to one day check out the Maldives.

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