WEDDING WEEK: Wedding Dresses 2 & 3!

Suzanne Jackson wedding dress

The Briana gown I picked up from Runaway Bride

Hi guys!

Can’t believe its nearly Friday already! Anyone got plans for the weekend?

I’m sure lots of you will be heading to Electric Picnic! I myself am taking a much needed weekend off and chilling out at home!

Today, as part of the wedding coverage, I’m going to be chatting about my other two wedding dresses as I have been asked about them A LOT recently!

Those of you who have been following my wedding updates will know that I wore a bespoke Haley Paige gown for the church and reception, which you can read more about here

Originally, I never intended on wearing three dresses; it just kind of happened that way and today I wanted fill you guys in on how it came about.

So I had my main dress sorted, but I knew I wanted to do a second dress, something more fitted and light for the night time part of my wedding.

Suzanne Jackson wedding (5)

The Barbara dress

One night, while browsing on Pinterest, I stumbled across a Ukranian brand called Milla Nova and when I looked up their collection, I absolutely fell in love with their designs. They were so feminine, with a lot of intricate detail, and were, in my opinion, an amazing wedding brand.

Straight away I Googled Milla Nova and up popped the website which had a detailed stockist section. To my surprise there was actually an Irish bridal boutique listed – Runaway Bride, a bridal and occasion wear boutique in Wexford so I got in touch with them and arranged an appointment to try on some of their Milla Nova gowns.

The one thing I noticed during my wedding dress hunt is that while some gowns looked amazing online, in person, they were a let down. However when I arrived into Runaway Bride boutique and saw the Milla Nova dresses hanging there, they all looked every bit as beautiful in person as they did on Pinterest. If anything, I fell even more in love with them!

To my absolute amazement, the Milla Nova dress that had originally caught my eye on Pinterest — a nude princess gown called the Barbara — was in the boutique and looked just as stunning in person as it did on Pinterest. Honest to God, I was so excited when I saw it!

Suzanne Jackson wedding (7)

The Barbara dress

I had told Sarah, the owner of Runaway Bride, that I was there to find a second dress for the evening part of the wedding, but as soon as I saw the Barbara dress on the rail, I knew Sarah was going to be completely on the same wavelength as myself. The Milla Nova dresses in her boutique had all been personally selected by her and were her favourites, so I knew it was a good sign that among her picks (out of the hundreds of dresses in the Milla Nova range) was the one that I loved so much on Pinterest.

Sarah was a dream to deal with and her recommendations were spot on too.

She’s a young businesswoman with a fresh and forward outlook and I really loved that. It was one of those situations where you just instantly connect and they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Suzanne Jackson wedding (8)

The Briana gown

I explained to Sarah that I was looking for a dress that would be quite fitted, weightless and a little sexy, something that would be true to my own personal style, and that’s when I was shown the Briana gown, a beautiful ivory dress with heavy embellishment and a subtle fishtail style.

I tried it on and it fit like a glove. I just loved it! (It was quite a low at the front, lower than my first dress, but my dressmaker later worked her magic on the neckline to make it a little less revealing.)

Suzanne Jackson wedding (9)

The Briana gown

I knew the Briana gown was going to be my dress for the evening and night, but I still didn’t want to leave Runaway Bride without having tried on the Barbara dress. After seeing how gorgeous it looked on Pinterest, curiosity definitely got the better of me and I HAD to see what it looked like on, so I slipped into it.

Guys, it fit like an absolute dream! It had the most intricate lace detail and although it was a princess style, it wasn’t as big as my main dress.

It was then Sarah suggested that maybe I could have it as a back up if my Haley Page dress wasn’t ready in time, or perhaps even wear it for my first dance, before then later changing into the other dress for the rest of the night.

That actually hadn’t occurred to me, but I figured, that’s not a bad idea! Your wedding day is the one time you can go all out, so I did!

I absolutely loved all three wedding dresses equally and felt amazing in each one… if you’re a bride to be and have similar style to me, then you have to check out Milla Nova in Sarah’s boutique in Wexford, you won’t be disappointed.

I actually wish I had captured more images of the two dresses but to be honest, with it being our wedding day, I didn’t want to spend most of it in front of a camera lens. My pictures of the dresses are limited, but to give you an idea of how amazing the dresses look, check out these shots of them on the models.

milla nova barbara dress

milla nova briana

And that, guys, is how I ended up wearing 3 dresses on my big day!  

I just wish I could go back and wear them all again! 🙂

P.s. brides-to-be, Runaway Bride will be showcasing some of their A/W looks at Wexford Style in early November!










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  1. 27 December 2017 / 14:40

    The Barbara dress is my most favorite. I will ask my fiance to wear that dress on our wedding. Love that.

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