What I’m Most Grateful For…


Valentine’s Day… some love it, some hate it.

Personally, I never really understood the hype around Valentine’s Day. Yes it’s nice, but when it all boils down to it, it’s nothing more than a day for selling cards, flowers and chocolates.

Of course flowers and chocolates are always lovely to get, but your happiness shouldn’t be affected by whether or not you receive them, or whether you’re single or not.

So today, I figured I would do a blog post on some things that are more important and what I really appreciate in life:


Sue and coco

For me, happiness comes from simple things like snuggling up and watching a film with Dylan, our dogs and a pizza, or from watching Bella play-fight with Coco and Harper.

What makes me smile is reading a sweet message from a reader, or a text from my dad telling me to stop using the flower filter on Snapchat!!

We all have big events in our lives that are memorable, but I find that the simplest of moments can mean equally as much.



We’re all guilty of taking our health for granted. Most of us never actually think of how lucky we are to have all our faculties and be able to walk, see, hear, etc. Simple things like being able to go out and walk the dogs and breathe fresh clean air is something I will always be grateful for.

Family & friends


I come from a very close family, and I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. They’re always there for me, and have seen me through thick and thin. If I’m stressed about something, my parents know exactly how to calm me down and help me see the wood from the trees.


The same goes for my friends.

They can cheer me up with one WhatsApp group chat, and they always make me feel better. My friends have been equally as amazing as my family have and I’m so thankful to have such a close circle around me.



When you follow a passion, whether it be as a career or as a hobby, that’s when you know real happiness. I worked on SoSueMe for 2 years as a hobby and I loved every minute of it because it was a genuine passion of mine. Even when I had just one reader, I would give a blog post my everything! It meant so much to me that even one person wanted to read my posts. I’m forever thankful that I found my passion in life because it still brings me so much happiness all these years on.

Of course things are busy & manic, but if ever things start to overwhelm me, I just think back to when I was unemployed and remind myself that I am extremely lucky to be working in a career that brings me so much happiness!

So to end this, don’t let Valentine’s Day get to you in a negative way. Concentrate on the positive in your life and let that make you happy!



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