What’s On My iPhone (Folders & Apps)!

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Hi guys!

How have you all been?

My Snapchat has been pretty quiet today as I have been in SOSU meetings all day designing the packaging for upcoming new products! It was such a long day and I’m absolutely wrecked but so excited at the same time about all the wonderful things that are going to be happening in the not-so-distant future!

On another note, I’m going to be pre-selling my SOSU Complete Contour Palette on www.SOSU.ie tomorrow night at 8pm. There will be limited stock on sale and all palettes purchased tomorrow will be shipped out next Friday. I’m so excited to be able to hold another pre-sale as I know there’s a lot of people around Ireland and abroad who haven’t been able to their hands on one and are really looking forward to purchasing it tomorrow.

sosu contour palette pre sale

Anyway back to tonight’s blog post!

I wanted to do a blog post with a difference today, and as I was searching for some inspo in the notes I keep on my phone, it suddenly hit me…why not write a blog post about what’s on my phone! I don’t think I’ve ever done that before but funnily enough, it’s something I am asked about quite regularly in a round about way! Readers often ask me if I use certain apps or what music I listen to when out for a walk with my doggies, etc.

To start, I’m an iPhone girl!

Like most phones, the battery doesn’t last very long, though I suppose given how much I use it, it’s really no surprise it goes down so fast!

I find Snapchat in particular tends to drain my battery big time but I carry a portable charger in my handbag at all times and this has been an absolute lifesaver on many an occasion!

Anyway, here’s what’s on my phone!

Blog/Fashion Folder:

On my phone, I keep everything organised by having different folders for different things. I use my phone so much, I need to keep everything super-organised otherwise I would go crazy! The folder I use most would be my blogging and fashion folder.

  • We Heart It / Pinterest 

In my blog/fashion folder, I have my We Heart It and Pinterest apps which are wonderful inspiration boards that provide gorgeous visuals for Facebook posts.

  • Reward Style  

Another app in this folder is Reward Style. This app allows me to grab a link to an outfit I’m wearing or an item of clothing I see and love.

suzanne jackson phone

  • Google Analytics

I have my Google Analytics app in this folder so that I can keep track of my stats and see which posts are getting the most traffic. It helps me gauge the kind of posts you guys like.

  • Olympus App

Because I use my Olympus camera so much for SoSueMe, I installed the Olympus Share app so that I can upload pictures wherever I am using the Wifi function on the camera. It’s extremely handy!

Travel Folder

This is an essential folder on my phone!

In this, I have an Aer Lingus app, a Ryanair app, a Halo app, and my wallet where I keep my boarding passes. Basically, whenever I check in online, I download my boarding pass to my wallet and all the details are there when I need them!

I also just yesterday downloaded an app called My Mileage which helps me keep track of my miles for accountancy purposes.

Social mediaSuzanne jackson phone

Next up are the social media apps.

I use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but I also recently downloaded my Depop app again. (you can find me on @sosueme_ie)

I recently did a bit of a clear out of clothes I have only worn once and I decided to post them to my Depop account so someone else could get some use from them.

suzanne jackson phone


I’m a huge music fan as anyone who follows me on Snapchat will know, (I sometimes post brief clips of the tracks we’re listening to in the car!)

Well on my phone, I have Spotify and iTunes, and usually the artists I listen to most on these apps would be Drake, Chris Brown, Rhianna,  Beyoncé and Coldplay!

suzanne jackson music spotify


There you have it guys, my phone in full!




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  1. Sarah W
    27 April 2016 / 10:40

    Hi Sue, which Olympus camera do you use and is it waterproof? Thanks Sarah x

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