Wine Flu – 5 Ways To Cure That Hangover!


Happy Friday Everyone!

So as we come back into the weekend there is nothing we all look forward to more than a good night out after a long working week, but there is one thing that is never fun… the hangover! We all dread that horrible feeling and would do practically anything to be relieved of it, so this post is to give you some tips & tricks that will help put that nasty hangover at bay! With the looming weekend and Halloween coming up, hopefully these tips will help 🙂

1. Water, water & more water


We all know that water is essential in kicking a hangover, after all we primarily have that pounding headache from dehydration, but drinking sports drinks designer for athletes can shift it a lot quicker!  The added electrolytes help to flush those toxins out of our systems quicker thus getting us back to ourselves quicker. Also a great form of natural hydration is coconut water. Try stocking up on a couple of CoCo Vita’s for the morning after. To replenish your sugar levels, try sipping some Sprite!

2. Fruit


Fruit is a great helping hand through a hangover for its mineral as well as water content. Pears are in fact being researched currently for their ability to metabolize alcohol, therefore preventing a hangover!

There are also wholefood supplements that you can get from your local health food store that will top up your antioxidant levels  which will also help.

3. Exercise


Now no-one expects you to go and run a marathon after a boozy night out, but doing a light bit of yoga or talking a brisk walk will help to sweat out those toxins! Make sure you also have a bottle of water at hand though so that you do not get further dehydrated!

4. Have a (healthy) fry-up!


Make sure you eat a good decent breakfast and try to replace those nutrients lost through that alcohol. Opt for eggs, grilled tomatoes some leafy greens and wholemeal bread. This will keep you going through the day. As tempting as they are when you want some salty comfort food, try to avoid rashers and sausages, they will simply add to your toxins!

5. Avoid – hair of the dog

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Remember that alcohol is the reason you are feeling so unwell, so don’t prolong the horrors with what seems like a quick-fix. By drinking more alcohol you are adding to your toxin levels, increasing your body’s dehydration and simply moving your Sunday hangover into a Monday hangover.

We hope some of these tips helped and will having you feeling that little bit fresher through the misery of a hangover! 

Do you have any tricks that work for you? We would love to hear them 🙂

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