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Are Celebs Setting Too Bad An Example??


Kendall Jenner is an icon for millions of girls worldwide, but her latest Instagram pic may not be setting the best example. In it, the star is seen in a sexy pose with a cigarette that looks to be half smoked. Now, we know Kendall is old enough to smoke and make her own decisions in life, but is it really the best thing to be promoting for a girl who has 13 million followers, many of them quite young and impressionable.


It’s not just Kendall that falls down in this regard. The likes of Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, both of whom young girls look up to as examples of success, constantly post pics that encourage behaviour that really shouldn’t be encouraged. The young and impressionable who click onto these pics on a daily basis may find it hard to distinguish between the private, personal lives of celebrities like we’ve mentioned, and their image or persona that they need to keep up as part of what makes them a success as artists.

It isn’t only the girls that are letting the side down either; the likes of Justin Bieber, idolized by millions and millions of fans does nothing to set any kind of an example for how someone his age should behave. These select few, the elite of the celeb world in their respective industries, have teams of people at their beck and call, and to a certain extent are above the law and so don’t really learn what it is to exist in the normal world.


If someone like Justin Bieber can assault someone and then throw money at the problem to make it go away, then there aren’t really consequences to his actions and no lessons are learned. Where it starts to be a problem is when his followers defend his actions, and sometimes aggressively so, trolling anyone and everyone who doesn’t share their love for their idol, and subjecting those people to extraordinary levels of abuse on occasion.

We all look up to these type of people, but their actions sometimes do little to guide young fans, or to inspire, instead of showing us the way NOT to behave in a normal society. So we’re throwing the question out to you; should celebs in the spotlight, especially those whose fanbase are younger, behave in a better way??

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(Images courtesy Instagram, Tumblr, Just Jared)


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