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The BAFTAs Hot List: Who’s tipped for the top in 2014?


It’s that time of year when prolific actors, directors and everyone else involved in the film industry begin practicing their ‘unprepared’ speech and pestering the fashion houses for the best frocks and tuxedos.

Yes, the 2014 BAFTAs are almost upon us and as ever, the ceremony acts as a little indicator as to what we can expect at the Academy Awards ceremony in March. Let’s take a look at some of the films predicted to strike box office gold at this years’ Baftas:

12 Years a Slave


This epic British-American drama took Best Picture at the Golden Globes and has had critics on their knees with its brilliantly accurate depiction of the slave trade. The film has a staggering 97% global score on Metacritic and is up for ten awards, many of which it is tipped to win.

Despite some other competent nominees, 12 Years a Slave has got a good chance of taking home the accolade of Best Film, but faces stiff competition from Gravity.

Actor Chiwitel Ejiofor is expected to take Best Actor for his role as Solomon Northrup, despite losing out to Matthew McConaughey at the Golden Globes and perhaps it’s time he was recognised. Ejiofor has been carving out a successful film career since 1996, although he has managed to stay under the Hollywood radar up until now.

The film pulls no punches when dealing with the touchy subject matter and required the actor to display acting chops few would be capable of.

American Hustle


American crime comedy drama flick, American Hustle, is hot on the heels of Slave, and also has an impressive ten nominations. Loosely based on true events of the FBI ABSCAM operation which took place in the late 70s, it follows the story of two FBI agents (Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper) enrolled to set up a complex sting operation against corrupt politicians.

Although in the running to win Best Film, it has some tough competition from Slave and Gravity. Bale is in the running for Best Actor, up against Golden Globe winner Leonardo Di Caprio – let the battle commence.



Audiences flocked in their droves to see this 3D science-fiction space thriller, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. This must have been a massive relief to the film’s producers as it was made on a budget of $100 million.

They had nothing to worry about in the end however, as Gravity has so far taken a staggering $670,121,667 at the global box office and you bet your last dollar it will make truckloads more in DVD sales.

Whilst some say Bullock may lose the Best Actress gong to Cate Blanchett for her role in Blue Jasmine, director Alfonso Cuaron is going head to head to compete for the much sought after Best Director prize.

Who do you think will win?



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