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Sequel To Brilliant Childhood Movie On the Way


If you’re an 80’s child like me, then you grew up on movies like Mrs Doubtfire. It was a great mix of slapstick comedy and touching family drama, and was a worldwide hit on it’s release way back in 1993 (yikes, how old do I feel!).

Its been confirmed today that a long awaited sequel is in the works, with Robin Williams and hopefully some more of the original cast set to return. In the original film, the comedian played a recently divorced actor who used his talents to transform himself into Scottish nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire so that he could see more of his three young children – with the inevitable high jinks ensuing.


The follow up will be directed by Chris Columbus who directed the original as well as some of the Harry Potter movies, and it will be written by David Berenbaum, the man who gave us the completely wonderful Elf. All of this gives us high hopes for this movie, despite the 20+ years age gap. Was Mrs. Doubtfire a movie you grew up watching??

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(Images and source – DailyMail)



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