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Watch The Late Late Toy Show Anywhere In The World!!


As we all count down the hours to everyone’s favourite tv event, we have a bit of good news for those of you with family and friends abroad. For the first time, the Late Late Toy Show will be available to watch on the RTE Player around the world!

Whether it be on your tablet lazing on a beach down under, or braving the cold of Canada, no matter where you are, there’s no excuse now not to see Tubridy’s Christmas jumper this year!

The Late Late Toy show can be watched right here, and don’t forget to check out the list of timezones below so you know what time it starts in your part of the world! It will be available for a full 3 weeks after it airs too, meaning you can re-live the best bits over and over again if you’re that way inclined!


Toronto, Canada: Friday @ 4.35pm

Chicago, US: Friday @ 3.35pm

Sydney, Australia: Saturday @ 8.35am

Perth, Australia: Saturday @ 8.35am

New York, US: Friday @ 4.35pm

Hong Kong: Saturday @ 5.35am

Grab a blanket, move the couch closer to the tv and stock up on Fanta and Taytos!


(Images and source – Mirror, RTE)


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