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Review: Brush on Fiber Lashes from bPerfect Cosmetics!



When it comes to mascaras, we all want one that will give our lashes lots of length and volume. Like most girls, I have tried my fair share of disappointing mascaras, so when I find one that really impresses me, I rave about it, because as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to makeup, there are few things better than finding a mascara that ticks all the boxes!

Well over the last month, I have been using Brush on Fiber Lashes from bPerfect Cosmetics, which is, in short, a lash extension system!

I first noticed bPerfect Cosmetics last month when I was at the beauty show in the RDS with Crownbrush. There was a huge crowd around their stand so I had a sneaky peak to see what was attracting everyone. Turns out, the big crowd puller was their Brush on Fiber Lashes, which they then very generously sent me! I have been using it since, and honestly it’s brilliant!

image1 (2)


It is so simple to use too!

1. First you apply a generous coat of what is called the transplanting gel (its like a mascara). Ensure you cover the lashes from root to tip.

2. Next, while the gel is still wet, you apply a thin coat of the fibers to the lashes and allow them to set for 20 seconds. The fibers basically adhere to the lashes, but don’t worry, once they set, they ain’t moving!

Once the fibers have completely set, I then apply a second application of the gel to the lashes. This will seal the fibers in place for the day. If you want extra length and thickness, you can repeat the process a second time. That’s what I usually do, hello dramatic lashes!

You can see here in the image above or below  – this product works. My left eye has been coated with the bPerfect fibres and the bPerfect mascara, and my eye has been coated with just a general mascara. The difference is in the picture.

You can actually see up close the little fibres that have adhered to my lashes and it really does give a dramatic change, I also am noticing I need my brows done too – please ignore! haha. But anyway – I’m addicted to this little system, thats for sure!

The Brush on Fiber Lashes are really good if you want length and volume without having to use fake lashes. My own natural lashes are bit weak at the moment because I had semi-permanent lashes in for quite a while, so the Brush on Fiber Lashes turned out to be a great way of achieving fullness without the use of falsies. I willl still wear my falsies at the weekend of course – but for during the day – this mascara is A1.

A little tip is to concentrate the fibers on the ends of the lashes. I like to build the fibers on the tips of the lashes, so that way I get the extra bit of length!
I also found that if you curl your lashes before using the Brush on Fiber Lashes, it makes a massive difference. I used my MAC eyelash curlers. On that note, be careful with the type of eyelash curlers you use! We have all heard some right horror stories about curlers, so make sure you only buy good ones.


I have had my MAC ones for a few years now and they are absolutely brilliant!

But back to the Brush on Fiber Lashes! I was so pleased that the fibers stayed in place all day – they didn’t budge!


You’re probably wondering does general eye makeup remover do the trick when it’s time to remove the makeup and the answer is YES. There is no different to taking off normal mascara.

It’s also worth noting that the transplant gel is a really good mascara on its own, even without the fibers! I have always loved the doll eye look, and Brush on Fiber Lashes helps me to create that look perfectly, so this product definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

It costs £20 (approx €28), which some may think is on the pricey side, but after having used it over the past month, I would honestly say it’s worth it. You can buy it here.

bPerfect Cosmetics also have a really impressive eyebrow kit, but that’s a review for another day! 🙂

Happy lash shopping!

Sue xx


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