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REVIEW: The No7 Cleansing Brush!


Hey guys,

Happy Thursday – how has your week been?

Mine has been hectic… hope you all tuned into my Ireland AM slot which was on TV3 yesterday? I had such a great morning out there with the stunning models and the presenters. I am really loving presenting my favourite fashion looks to you guys on TV, so I hope you are enjoying it too! I will be doing a full blog post about yesterday on Ireland AM, so I wont ramble on as right now…. I am here to talk about the No7 Cleansing brush!

When I posted a picture of my new No7 Cleansing brush to my Facebook page – lots of you guys wanted a review and so here it is!!

My Review:

The No7 Cleansing rush is designed to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin, removing more dirt, oil and make-up than manual cleansing alone. When I fist bought this cleansing brush, I was so excited to use it becuase I love a really deep cleanse and a good exfoliation.

I have Normal – Dehydrated skin so I am prone to little dehydrated skin patches on my face where my makeup can lodge and I HATE when that happens. I generally get these small dehydrated patches either side of the bride of my nose and a dehydrated look on my forehead. When my skin is lacking that glow and I feel like I need a good exfoliation, I usually get stuck in with either a chemical exfoliater or one with graduals in it to ensure it removes the dead skin cells from the surface of my face.

Last week when I looked in the mirror, I noticed my skin was looking tired and dehydrated and I needed a good exfoliation. I just happened to be in Boots later that day when I came across the No7 Cleansing Brush. I have heard so many people RAVING about the Clarisonic and you guys have been asking me for my thoughts on brush cleaning and so I decided to buy it for a review.

The Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush is compact, easy to handle and comes with two speed settings. It’s battery operated which makes it different to the Clarisonic straight away becuase as far as I know the Clarisonic is rechargeable.  I personally think a battery-operated device is more user friendly and it 100% suits me better as I a bit lazy in the charging dept, ie: my camera battery. I just think it’s hassle having to charge things.. batteries are way easier and they do they job just as well.


Using it:

I always exfoliate my face in the shower, I think you can get a better exfoliation done when you are under water rather than it going everywhere leaning over a sink. Now, the thing about this cleansing brush is, it’s water resistant, but NOT waterproof, so what I did was I turned the shower head away while I used it and it worked a treat.

When I turned on the device I noticed straight away that the head was spinning very fast and so I opted for the lighter speed. I applied some of my foaming Neostrata cleanser to my face and then I began running over my skin in light circular motions with the cleansing brush. The first thing I noticed was it’s quite harsh, now not harsh in a bad way but if you have any sensitivity I wouldn’t be opting to use this cleansing brush… it stats on the box anyway.

I focused in on the dehydrated areas of my face – along the sides of the nose, my forehead and the chin area  – where I get my monthly break outs when that time of the month rolls around. I made sure to skip the eye area as the skin is WAAAAY to delicate and thin for a movement as invasive as this.

When I was finished using the cleansing brush – my skin felt 100% clean and deeply exfoliated – the two results I was after. After my shower, I applied my hydrating serum from Kinvara and my Clarins night cream to my face and my skin instantly felt smoother and less rough where the dehydrated patches were. The real test was going to be the following morning when I applied my foundation to see if the foundation lodged again on the dry areas of my face and if my skin still looked tired and dull.

The following day after I applied my foundation and my skin was glowing! The rough patches were completely gone and I had no makeup lodging on the dehydrated patches.


My Overall Opinion

SO there is some good and bad news here.

For my skin type normal to dehydrated with sensitive cheeks – I would 100% ONLY use this cleansing brush as a deep cleanse and great exfoliation – this wouldn’t be an ideal device for my skin on a daily basis. It would be too invasive for me. For someone with oily skin, it could be great for you,  but I would also be careful not to over do it  – a deep exfoliation activates our sebaceous glands causing them to produce more oil, which is the last thing an oily skin needs.

So is it a daily cleansing technique? No…. BUT it is an AMAZING deep cleanse and exfoliation routine to do twice a month! If your skin is lacking ‘that glow’ or you feel your skin is tired looking, a blast of this little guy and you are back on track!!

On another skin care note, I did recored a full YouTube video the other night all about my skin care routine but I’m not happy with it at all and so I want to record it again. Sorry 🙁 I am a perfectionist in that way and so you have to bear with me on this one 🙂


How to Use

For Best Results:

1) Remove any eye make-up

2) Apply your cleanser as normally instructed, leaving your cleanser generously covering your forehead, cheeks and chin

3) Wet the brush head and press the power button. The Cleansing Brush offers a choice of 2 speeds. Pressing the power button twice will increase the brush speed and will offer a deeper clean.

4) Gently massage your face with small circular movements focusing on your forehead, cheeks and chin for about 30 seconds

5) Wash away cleanser with warm water

Dependent on use Boots recommend that you replace your brush head every 3-4 months to ensure the brushes performance is maintained. Replacement brush heads are available to purchase in store.

Hazards and Cautions

I do not recommend you use this product if you have very dry or sensitive skin.

Be careful of your hairline so as to not catch your hair in the device and take extra care around the eye area.

You can buy the No7 Cleansing Brush from Boots fro €33!

Happy Cleansing!!

Sue xx

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  1. Alice
    24 January 2014 / 18:07

    Hi Sue, maybe a good reason for using chargeable devices instead of battery operated devices is that they are kinder to the environment (ie.used batteries are a harsh waste product).

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