Multi Masking!

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There’s nothing like a good face mask to leave your skin feeling so smooth. Glam Glow became famous after it was regularly used before fashion shoots to give the models perfectly primed skin for makeup!

The practice of ‘multi-masking’ has been around for a while now, and it’s one we love.

Everyone’s skin issues can vary – for instance, some people might have an oily t-zone but other sections of their face might be quite dry – so understandably, there aren’t that many face masks can address most or all of these individual issue (with the exception of maybe a mask like the Bliss Multi-face-eted mask).


Either way, if you find it difficult to source a mask, multi masking is the ideal solution.

You get to address different skincare issues with different masks.

As we all know, applying a mask can be a little messy so to make the application process a little easier and mess-free, there’s a fab face mask brush and washcloth set you can get here.


The brush is also curved and angled so it makes it easier to apply the mask in certain parts of the face such as under the eyes, etc.

How to multi mask: 

The best time to apply the masks is after a shower, or right after you steam your face. If you suffer from dry patches, make sure to gently exfoliate these before you apply any mask.

Now you need to match the mask to the right area of the face. If there are parts of your face that suffer from break outs, then those are the places that need an anti-inflammatory mask.

Likewise, if your t-zone is oily, then this is where a purifying mask would work best. Charcoal masks are always good for this type of issue and they can extract oils without leaving the skin feeling too dry.


If parts of your skin are quite dry, then those are the parts that require a hydrating super-moisturising clay mask.

Once the clay masks are on, you can finish off by applying some fabric eye contour and lip patches.

After the masks have set and are ready to be removed, rinse a wash cloth with lukewarm water and pat the face until the clays are removed. Never scrub or drag the skin when removing the masks!

Afterwards, give your face a final rinse and then moisturise. Your skin will feel SO soft and smooth!

If you want to find out for yourself just how fab it feels, then check out these multi-masking sets:


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