My Lippy Details & How To Achieve Fuller Lips!

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Hi guys!

I just thought I would do a quick blog post this morning because I’ve been absolutely inundated with questions on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook for my lippy details.

Well… I have found the perfect trio and I’m more than happy to share my beauty secret with you. 🙂

For the look of fuller lips, this is the trio that I find to be the most effective and the most natural looking.

The 3 products I use are:

  1. Nice n’ Spicy Lip Liner from MAC
  2. Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in the shade Pure Hollywood
  3. Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker.


I don’t wear a nude lip all that often which is why I think lots of you might have liked it on me, and the best part is that this trio gives the illusion of plumper lips and here’s why.

For that fuller look, the trick is a combination of the right shades and the technique of over-lining. It’s a great trick and pretty simple, but when done right, it works wonders!


OOTN: Belted Blazer: here // Jeans: here // Shoes: here // Bra: here

Here’s how I do it:

Step 1:

Using my Nice n’ Spicy lip liner, I overdraw my lips ever so slightly. It’s easy to get this very wrong, but a great guideline is to follow the white line around the lip. Everyone has this line. I run the liner just above it on the top lip and just underneath it on the lower lip while keeping the natural shape of the lip.

Tip: I always I fill my lips in with the lip liner too. This gives the lipstick a longer colour pay-off.

Step 2:

I then apply my Anastasia Liquid Lipstick, which is a really beautiful velvety pure nude lipstick. You can get this in Sephora or on the Anastasia website. My aunty lives in the states so whenever she comes home, I always get her to bring me back some bits!


Step 3:

Finally, for that really glossy plump look, I swear by the famous lip plumper, Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker. When you apply it, it really tingles the lips and swells them ever so slightly. I generally use this to give that lovely gloss finish to the lips and the plumping helps too 😉


So that’s what I do whenever I want to create the illusion of fuller lips!

For those of you asking about my trip to London, I will write a full blog post all about it as soon as I get back. We’ve been having such a great time since we got here. The rest of our friends are also arriving today so we’ll no doubt be having a big night tonight (and quite possibly a big hangover tomorrow morning!! Haha!)


Have a great weekend guys!


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