My On-The-Go Beauty Must Haves – Skincare!


When you’re on the road as much as I am, it can be all too easy to neglect your regular skincare routine.

When I’m not traveling around Ireland to my SoSueMe workshops, events, launches I’m on the road to various business meetings, or flying to London for an event … so I know all too well how hard it can be to stay looking bright-eyed and fresh faced when on the go so much.

This is why I decided to become super prepared and compile an array of products to take with me whenever I’m on the road (or in the air!) That way, my routine stays the same and my skin doesn’t suffer as a result of a hectic schedule.


Here are the skincare products that always travel with me:

1. Elemis Travel Kit.


This contains

– Elemis cleanser wash
– Apricot toner
– Enzyme peel (exfoliator)
– Collagen marine moisturiser

I have just started to use this brand, maybe for the last two months, but I am loving the range. Yes, a little more on the pricer side, but because I am nearly 30 *shudders*, my skin is ageing fast and I want to look after it as best that I can.

From my years working as beautician, I know great products, what ingredients are beneficial for the skin etc and I have also learned that investing in a good skincare regime is super important and something I have always done.

The three products I use daily from this travel kit is the cream cleanser, the enzyme peel and the pro-collagen marine moisturiser. They are brilliant products and they really help with my dehydration. Don’t forget, this is the travel kit, so they are travel sizes.

2. Kinvara Skincare’s Rosehip Face Serum

face serum kinvara

The Rosehip Face Serum is my overall favourite product of the Kinvara Skincare range! Seriously guys, I can’t emphasize enough just how impressive this product is. It always makes my skin feel so refreshed and hydrated. Its the perfect size for travelling and it even fits in my makeup bag its that compact!

3. Thalgo Eye Cream – Creme Silicium Regard (small tub)photos_image_166

I am a huge fan of the Thalgo range, and their Creme Silicium Regard is definitely a long term favourite of mine. The eye area really needs to be cared for as it is so delicate, so I always ensure to bring this with me. This is a tiny little tub and so it’s perfect for travelling.

4. Clairns Instant Eye Makeup Remover

clairns eye makeup remover

I loved Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover so much, I featured it in my bestselling book last year. I’ve always found it the best for removing stubborn eye makeup. If you want to read my previous post about it, just click on the link! It is perfect for removing lash glue, dark shadows etc, that I most likely will be wearing while away, because I have to look GLAM for my events 🙂

5. Cotton discs / face wipes

pack image

Some cotton discs and face water wipes in case I’m too tired to take my makeup off, or in case I need to remove instant tan from my hands, etc. I know wipes are not the best way to take off makeup, but trust me, it’s always better to remove the makeup in some way rather than leaving it on while you sleep. You wouldn’t believe how visibly damaging it is to sleep in your makeup. It’s never worth it! These water wipes are amazing, they’re are both fragrance free and alcohol free making them super good for sensitive skin types. They are also super compact so again perfect for travelling!

6. The Body Shop’s Coconut Shimmer Body Butter


The one item I will NEVER leave home without is my Coconut Shimmer Body Butter from The Body Shop. This little gem accompanies me everywhere. It gives my skin that instant glow and looks GREAT over my tan – it’s also perfect for enhancing the pins 🙂

There you have it guys! My on-the-road beauty must haves

Hope you enjoyed it!

Sue xxx



  1. Sl_xx
    21 June 2014 / 19:01

    Dying to try this coconut shimmer body butter

  2. Janis O' Leary
    11 June 2014 / 18:44

    Few little bits that take my fancy, can’t wait to try them.. Cheers Sue x

  3. Jennifer O'Gorman
    11 June 2014 / 18:20

    Definitely going to give these a try. I bought the eye make up remover last year after seeing it in your book. It’s so gentle but effective!

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