The Products Responsible For Michelle Keegan Gorgeous Hair!


(c) Garnier

We have nothing but envy for Michelle Keegan’s hair.

It’s beyond beautiful. Always glossy. Always full. And ALWAYS so healthy looking.

While Michelle occasionally wears extensions for volume, particularly when she’s hitting the red carpet, it can’t be denied that the products she uses on a daily basis play a vital role in her lack of bad-hair-days!

So, we decided to do some digging and round up all her favourite hair products in one place.

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff 

(c) Michelle Keegan

(c) Michelle Keegan

The Kevin Murphy Powder Puff is also one of Sue’s fave hair products! (You can read her review here)

This root-boosting product is great for giving hair a big lift, and Michelle has often credited it for giving her hair “mega volume.”

Aveda Volumising Tonic


(c) Michelle Keegan

Michelle uses the Aveda Volumising Tonic almost every day to keep her hair super smooth and super shiny.

She says she loves the fresh smell of the tonic and really appreciated its effectiveness after she bleached her hair and needed products that would strengthen her hair as well.

Cloud Nine The Waving Wand


(c) Michelle Keegan

To create her trademarks waves, Michelle uses Cloud Nine The Waving Wand.

Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Shampoo

When washing her hair, Michelle’s go-to shampoo is Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force Shampoo.

Mark Hill Heat Protector Spray


(c) Michelle Keegan

Michelle uses the Mark Hill Heat Protector Spray before blowdrying. As well as protecting her hair, she finds it leaves her locks feeling smoother and silkier.

Michelle also likes to finish a look by applying some Mark Hill Glam Goddess Shine Serum.

Moroccanoil Treatment


(c) Michelle Keegan

Michelle has long been a fan of Moroccanoil treatment (smaller bottle here).

This absolute gem of a product is loved by celebs the world over as it leaves hair feel super soft and silky.

It’s also great for adding a nice shine to hair.

Barrel Brush

(c) Michelle Keegan

(c) Michelle Keegan

Probably the best hair styling trick up Michelle’s sleeve is her pro hair-drying skills. She once told Hello Magazine that she learned how to properly blowdry hair and even does her mums hair now!

Her tips are to “always point the hairdryer downwards, so the little fine bits don’t come up. And to use a really good barrel brush.”

If you want to pick up a good quality barrel brush, try this one.

When drying her hair, Michelle uses Bosch Keratin Advance Hair Dryer.

Hair Masks


(c) Michelle Keegan

When Michelle dyed her hair blonde, she embarked on a thorough hair care regime to prevent her locks from drying out.

She has previously stated that part of this regime involved hair masks and using a toner to “dull down the brassiness of the blonde.”

Two of the masks Michelle like’s to use for shine is the Josh Wood Glossing Mask and the Moroccanoil hydrating mask.)

Treatment Oils & Elixirs


(c) Michelle Keegan

Michelle is a big fan of serums and one of her faves include Windle & Moodie Essential Oils Elixir. As well as using it as a serum, she also uses it as an intensive conditioner before shampooing her hair.

Another favourite of Michelle’s is the Kevin Murphy Treatment Oil which she applies only to the ends of her hair.

Another famously great hair elixir to try is the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Hiar Oil.

Hair Supplements

mk3To keep her hair naturally strong, shiny and healthy, Michelle is known to take daily hair and nail supplements.

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