VS Angels – How To Get That Bombshell Hair

This week, our gal Sue is over in New York to attend the world’s most exclusive show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! (You can follow her trip and all the action from behind-the-scenes on her Insta Stories right here)

With VS being famous for their runway looks, we cannot wait to see the costumes that will be on show tomorrow night. We’re also really looking forward to seeing the bombshell hair and makeup looks the team will create. They’re always TO DIE FOR! This year we know that the hair is going to be very loose and very natural looking.

That sexy tousled undone beachy-look has become the signature of the Victoria’s Secret angels, and with the party season not too far off, we figured now is the best time to start practicing it.

Here is the step by step routine of how the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show glam squad create runway worthy hair!

We know that this year, one of the products the style team will be using on the models hair is the L’Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Mousse. This will also be used to prep the ends of the models hair. In the 2017 show, the team spritzed on L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli Styling Spray on the hair before blow drying it but it’s not known if they will be using it this year.

One of the tools we have heard being used backstage at the VSFS is the Dyson Supersonic Blow Dryer. Rather than relying solely on product to create volume, the hairstylists start building body using the hairdryer and a boar bristle hairbrush.

A good curling iron is a big necessary tool for the VS looks so too are hair clamps as you will need to divide your hair up so you can curl it in 1 inch wide sections. If you want softer larger waves, use larger sections of hair.

If you are using the long croc clips (rather than the claw like grips) and you don’t want the clip to leave a dent in the hair, just place a ply of tissue between the grip and the hair.

Next, taking one of the sections, wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron without allowing the hair to overlap. During past shows, GHD styling tools were also used.

When you release the hair from the curling iron, either hold the curl in your hand for 10 seconds, or better still, pin the curl, so it will adopt the shape of the curl and therefore last longer when cooled. Once the curls have cooled, release them and after spritzing a little hairspray through on the brush, gently run the ends of the bristles through the hair.

This will help create those tousled waves. If you want to add a little volume as well, lightly backcomb the root of the curl base and then add a little volumising powder.

To add shine to the tresses, some VSFS stylists apply a hair oil, while others like to use a pomade. One product that is sure to make an appearance on the VSFS styling tables this year is the new Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Luminous Hair and Body Oil.

Once you are happy with the way the curls are styled, just spritz with a long lasting hairspray.  The VS stylists will more than likely use the VS own brand, however a lot of the angels are known to love the Oribe brand so that too may feature on the product list for this year’s show.

Once you have it set, just spritz on your favourite SOSUbySJ fragrance and you’re good to go!

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