10 Must-Have Travel Accessories


Most airlines these days charge an arm and a leg for additional luggage when you fly with them, so smart packing has become more and more essential. You want to have a good selection of clothes when you’re off on hols, but there really is no need to pack the whole wardrobe, as long as you do a little planning in advance. Whether you’re off for a weekend away with the fella or a week in the sun with the girls, here’s a list of 10 items you shouldn’t really be without, that will make your luggage that bit lighter, leaving more room for any purchases you happen to make!!   😉

Makeup – Best advice here is stick with makeup that does a variety of things like moisturiser that contains SPF, or combined products like blush and lip colour in one and mineral powder makeup that comes in one tube with an attached brush. The key is picking the basic stuff you use on a daily basis; A fresh, clean face and some mascara will do wonders when you’re away without the need to pack everything.


Multi-purpose jewellery – Like makeup, people tend to overpack when it comes to jewellery. The simple rule for packing light is take some pieces that are great for a range of occasions. Some good ideas are; a bangle watch that doubles as a bracelet; mulitcoloured beaded necklace, silver or gold chain necklace with stylish charm; cuff bracelet in silver, gold or a neutral colour and simple gold or silver hoop earrings. The best advice is if it only goes with one outfit, leave it at home.

Sun protection – This seems fairly basic but you’d be astonished the amount of people who don’t pack suncream and think they’ll buy some wherever they’re going. It is an essential item for anywhere your skin will be exposed for any lengthy period of time, as skin cancer is becoming more and more common in hotter climates. One thing you CAN buy when you get to your destination is a floppy sun hat. Retro and fashionable, they’re fairly cheap and can be left behind at the end of the holiday if you’re tight on space.

tie a sarong

Sarong – Hear us out on this one. Sarongs are not exclusively for the piping hot beaches of the world. They are actually one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own! Not only can it be used a skirt, dress, shawl or swimsuit cover but it can be used as a blanket for a picnic on the grass or sand and as a table cloth for placing food on. There are limitless styles to choose, so pick a pretty one and pop it in your suitcase, wherever you’re headed!

Wrinkle-free clothing – Theres nothing worse than opening your suitcase to a wrinkled mess inside. Unless you have access to an ironing board and iron, avoid stuff like linen pants and dresses that wrinkle easily as they’ll just look sloppy. Many designers now make cute summer dresses, skirts and shirts in wrinkle-free fabric. Just roll them up tightly and they’re ready to wear when you arrive. Blends of cotton and polyester can be picked up online in very trendy and stylish designs; it just takes a little research!




Sandals – Sandals are a great holiday shoe because they can be simple but stylish and they don’t take up too much room in the suitcase, especially if you stick to flats. Simple flip flops for the beach and a pair of fashionable sandals with leather straps or pretty beading can be swopped over very quickly and a pair of each should be in every girls bag. 

Music Player– Ok, so most smartphones these days have this side of things covered, but if you’re heading on a long trip, remember to update your music library or games. Lots of travel means lots of transport like planes, buses, and trains. It might not seem the most sociable thing to do, to be playing with your music device or phone, but if you have an up to date and decent selection, you can share with friends or dock with some speakers and you’re ready for a party wherever you are!


Stylish tote / beach bag – One of the most useful items on the list. A stylish tote or beach bag should go everywhere with you. They can double as a purse, a shopping bag and as carry on luggage and most things you take on holidays will end up in here at some point. Try to avoid leather or suede as a water resistant bag is essential if it’s for the beach and look for long handles so it can be slung over the shoulder with ease. Go for a bold print in bright colours as a fashion statement and try to find one with at least one zip compartment for keys and money.

First Aid Kit – You might think that a first aid kit s something you’d never pack, but it doesn’t have to be something full of bandages and gauze. Think about packing a small ziplock bag with anti-bacterial wipes, plasters, anti-histamine if you suffer from allergies, panadol or asparin, and some insect repellent. This light and compact bag could come in handy for all sorts of dilemmas, and really is something more of us should get used to packing.

E-Reader – These days a good e-reader is everyone’s fave accessory to travel with. They can hold literally thousands of books, and most of them fit in your handbag. With wifi offered in most hotels too, you can actually download a copy the latest style, gossip and celeb magazines if you prefer that over a book, so there really is no excuse not to own one of these.

There you have it, our top 10 accessories for travelling light. If there’s any tips or tricks you’ve picked up on your journeys be sure to let us know!

Suntan lotion, straw hat with towel at the beach

(Images and source – LifeStyle, Tumblr, modas-modernus)


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