Bucket List: The Skyscraper Glass Slide


It’s one thing to enjoy the views from the observation deck of the 70th floor in a skyscraper…it’s a whole other thing to sit into a glass slide that takes you outside the skyscraper and down to the level below.

That’s exactly what you can do in California.

The U.S Bank Tower has a glass slide running from the 70th floor to the 69th so thrill-seekers can enjoy the view from a different angle! sky slide

Known as the ‘Sky Slide’, it is situated nearly 1,000 feet above downtown Los Angeles, and costs $8 a go!

The slide is forty-five feet long, 4 feet wide and made entirely of thick glass.

It doesn’t look that scary … until you see the view from inside the slide…

Inside the Sky Slide

Inside the Sky Slide

We’re not afraid of heights but even we feel ill just looking at this.

Even if you don’t try the slide, you should definitely visit the observation deck.

As you can see, it basically offers the BEST views of Los Angeles.



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