Cruise Style: My 7 Day/Night Outfit Round-Up!

2016-07-11_1838Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all having a good day! My day has been a headache … and I mean that literally!

I’ve had a pounding migraine all afternoon. As anyone who suffers from migraines will know, they are an absolute nightmare.

I literally had to go to bed for a couple of hours which helped a little, but it’s still hanging around unfortunately.

Anyway, back to the task in hand! My blog post today is my usual style round up of my holiday wardrobe for anyone who may have missed the links I posted throughout my social media while I was away.

For those of you who dont know, I was away on a Royal Caribbean cruise with Dylan and my parents last week. It was my first ever on a cruise and overall I loved it. It was also really nice to have a week with my parents sand send some quality time with them.

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (sosueme_ie) you will know how funny and easygoing they are.


I honestly think my dad was man-of-the-week on that trip – you guys seemed to have loved him! He was in flying form, he just cracks me up 24/7.

I’m a real daddy’s girl, so I can see why you all loved him – he’s simply the best (as is my mum, she’ll kill me for leaving her out – mum is such a lady… so a little more reserved than my dad, which I’m sure you noticed! haha!)

With regard to the style, the cruise was quite glamorous at night so we all really dressed up. Everyone put a lot of effort into their outfits, especially for the two formal nights. All the female guests looked so glam while the men looked extremely dapper.

This weekend, I will be posting an in dept, detailed blog about the trip itself, the pros and cons of the ship we were on, the trip we did, my overall thoughts and cruising in general! I promise I will answer all your questions (so pop them in the comment box if you have anymore), but overall, we had a BRILLIANT time!

We got to visit so many different places during the week we were on the cruise and you really felt like you were getting your money’s worth. We made so many memories from that one week alone and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

For now though, here are all the looks I sported during the trip!

Day 1


sosueme cruise

What I Wore: 

Khaki ribbed jumpsuit – here // Bag: YSL

(This bag is no longer online however if you would like a black clutch to go with this outfit, try here and here.)

Day 213557689_1064462426970487_7573300321589718794_n

What I Wore: 

T-shirt – here (also available in petite size here) // Shorts – here 


The day I posted this shot, I think I got as many questions about my lipstick as I did about my outfit!

The lipstick shade is called Flame and you can pick it up here.

Night 2


What I Wore: 

Dress: here // Shoes: Louboutins (no longer online)

Bag: YSL (no longer online)

Day 3


What I Wore: 

Crochet top: here // Shorts: here

Cami: here // Sandals: here

Night 3


What I Wore: 

Dress: here // Shoes: (similar): here

This dress cost just €25 and it was so nice on. If you’re purchasing, I would recommend that you up a size. Mine was a bit too tight for my liking even though I’m wearing my usual size.

Day 4


What I Wore:

Swimsuit: here // Tan: Bellamianta

Night 4


What I Wore:

Top: here  // Skirt: here

Shoes: here 

Day 5


What I Wore: 

Blouse: here // Shorts: here  

Sandals – sold out

Night 5


What I Wore:

Dress: here // Shoes: Louboutins (no online link)

Bag: YSL (no online link)

Day 6


What I Wore:

Shorts – here // Top – here

Sleeveless jacket – no longer available in orange but similar are available in yellow, khaki, beige and red

Night 6


What I Wore:

Dress: here // Sandals – similar here


Day 7


What I Wore: 

Top (ribbed version) here or see the white version of mine here 

Jeans: here // Shoes: Valentino (no online link)

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