5 Festival Tips To Keep In Mind For EP!


1. First thing first. Don’t pitch your tent near bushes or trees. At festivals, guys tend to view all greenery as potential toilet facilities. If your tent is nearby, a drunken festival goer may just mistakenly aim for your tent instead! On that note, don’t pitch the tent too close to the portable toilets either. It might be fine today, but by Sunday, that smell will take a lifetime to forget!


2. Stock up on snacks. Protein bars such as Sue’s favourite, Fulfil, are great to have on hand for when you feel a bit peckish but don’t want to trek through the crowds to join a queue at a food stall.


3. Bring a clear ziplock bag with you to protect your phone if the rain turns really bad! Given the number of people in attendance at Stradbally, it won’t take much rain for the place to turn into a mud festival.


4. If you’re worried about getting separated from your friends in the throngs of people in front of the big stage at a late night gig, then try this good old festival trick – bring a flashing bicycle light with you. Switch it on, hold it up and your friends will be able to see where you are.


5. Phone charging facilities are everywhere at EP so take note of where they are for when you inevitably find yourself running low on battery. If you want to be really prepared, pick up a portable charger on your way. You should be able to charge it down there.




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