Portugal: Day 1


Hey everyone!

As you can probably tell from my social media, yesterday I headed off to Portugal for a week with Dylan and 2 of our friends, Jack and Hannah.

I have never been to Portugal before so I’m really excited to check out what it has to offer, especially as I’ve always heard such good reports about it.

We’ll be staying in Quinto De Lago for the week which is a very golf oriented location. Dylan and his friend Jack are huge golf fans, and that’s partly the reason why we or should I say “they” chose this location! Ha.

Today was our first full day here so while the lads were out golfing (they were up at 7 to go golfing!), Hannah and I decided to check out the apartment block where we’re staying and just hang out for a bit.

It was so late when we all got in last night that we just headed straight to bed so we didn’t really have a chance to see the place properly.

I can’t wait to have a right look around Quinto De Lago itself though. It’s pretty small and quiet but it’s even quieter than normal today because it’s a national holiday here so pretty much everywhere is closed.


I’m definitely going to have a proper look around the area tomorrow though.

I need to find a hair salon as I forgot to pack my hairdryer! (Raging!)

Anyway, once the guys were back, we all hopped into our rental car (you really need to rent a car if you’re staying here) and we headed to the supermarket to stock up on food for the week.

The plan is to have breakfast and lunch on the apartment balcony each day because the sun is beaming here and it’s just so beautiful out on the balcony, not to mention the beautiful views. Pure greenery, manicured grass and stunningly colourful flowers. It’s so pretty.


Each night, we will head out for dinner and cocktails. I met a lovely lady on the plane yesterday who comes here quite often and owns a place out here, so she gave me some fabulous recommendations from cocktails bars all the way through to Michelin star restaurants! 🙂

On that note, as far as I’m aware, my old boss Dennis O’Brien owns a few restaurants nearby, so I’ll definitely be checking them out too!

After the food shop and filling the trolley with wine 😉 … we decided to hit the pool area for awhile and chill out.


I literally just started a new book which had actually been left here in the apartment!

There’s a book shelf in the sitting room and it’s full of books left by people who stayed here.

You always find a gem of a book in apartments like this because people always bring good books with them when they go on a sun holiday.

The one I’m reading is by Melissa Hill and it’s called Please Forgive Me. I’m half way through it already! I’m absolutely glued to it! It’s a love story, and I’m a sucker for those.


After hanging out by the pool, we headed back to the apartment and put together some food. Jack cooks the best BLT… It was delicious and of course some Heinz Ketchup smothered on top to finish it off. The second thing I put into the trolley after the white wine! Haha. Ketchup lover over here. I have it on everything.

So, the sun was out today, it was a bit windy but now sitting here on the balcony it’s it’s scorching in. We’re all enjoying a glass or two of wine and some cheese, ham and olives…really nice tapas-style food.

We’re about to start getting ready to head out to a local restaurant for some dinner. The lads want to see the Euros match… typical boys… Myself and Hannah have zero interest in soccer so we’ll probably hit the cocktail bar! 😉

The restaurant is located by the beach though so I’m really hoping we’ll get to see a nice sunset soon.

As always, I will be blogging about my stay here throughout the week. I love blogging when I’m away. Got some outfits planned that I think you guys will enjoy and hopefully T will give you some holiday shopping inspo.

Here are all the details from today’s bikini and OOTD.

Black crochet bikini – here


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Playsuit – here // Similar Trilby Hats – here and here

Sandals – here // Sunglasses – here

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Have a great Friday night, guys!



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