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Hi guys

Hope all is well back home!

I’m indoors at the moment as there’s a thunderstorm taking place outside, I kid you not – a full-on thunderstorm. You’d swear we were back in Ireland… Ha! But it still so warm and the rain is really hot… bizarre but cool too. 

Anyway, I’ve been getting loads of emails about some of my beauty products I packed for my trip so I decided to take you through them.

Lots of you also mailed me to say you were also going to Thailand and wanted to know about SPF, hydrating moisturisers, etc, so I will cover that here too!

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1/ Soltan Invisible Cooling Suncare Spray SPF50 / Soltan Once SPF 50

Those of you who have been following me for quite a while will know I’m a stickler for SPF. I use a facial SPF every day back home and even more so when I go abroad.

Having trained in the beauty industry, I know how vital SPF is for protecting the skin against premature aging. Once you hit 30,it’s all about maintenance and preservation which is why I’m taking every precaution against those fine lines!

A few days before our trip, I headed into Boots to pick up a few bits and while there I grabbed the Soltan SPF 50 Invisible Cooling Suncare body spray and the Soltan Once facial moisturiser.


I’ve been using them both for the entire holiday and I haven’t burned once. Just the tip of my nose got red today but that was because I was in and out of the water with the GoPro, so it was my own fault for not reapplying it on my nose!

The SPF 50 cooling spray has also worked like a dream. It’s really easy to apply in that it’s not greasy or sticky. Dylan loves it as well and he’s not one for SPF. I usually reapply it every 1-2 hours especially if I have been swimming.

Remember when we were kids and during the few hot days we’d get in Summer, our mums used to slather us in sun cream that was a streaky white? Well this is the opposite of that! It dries in completely clear.

Suzanne jackson Dylan O'Connor

I also find that a little goes a very long way also so you end up getting quite a good few applications from the one bottle.

The Soltan Face SPF, which I have also been using religiously every day, is more of a creamy texture. I love the size of it.

It comes in a small tube so it’s really compact. I carry it in my makeup bag with my lip balm and mosquito spray.

It’s great for keeping in the beach bag. It offers 8 hours of sun protection from just one application, but because I have been in and out of the water so much, I reapply it every 2-3 hours just to be on the safe side.

The fact that we’re out in intense heat and still haven’t burned once shows how good this SPF is.

Definitely going to be using this on holiday again.

soltan SPF Boots

2/ Olaplex Hair Treatment 

While over here, I have been applying Olaplex to my hair every day and night.

Because I have a blonde colour going through my natural hair and because I have extensions, my hair requires extra maintenance, especially as I’m out in the sun and in the sea water quite a bit.


Rather than bring the whole bottle, I poured some Olaplex into a small travel pump bottle that I picked up in Penneys.

I apply it to my hair every day and wrap it in a bun. I also do the same each night. This ensures my hair won’t dry out.

This product really is a God sent!

3/ Lancome Énergie De Vie Moisturiser & Mask


Two new fave skincare products of mine.

This range is so good. I’ve been using both for the entire holiday and I’m really impressed. The moisturiser is so refreshing when you apply it. I also find it has been keeping my skin feeling really hydrated, and in this heat, hydration is a must!

I have been applying the mask on every night after dinner. As soon as I take off my makeup, I apply the mask and leave it on for 10 minutes while I’m going through social media or watching TV.

I then remove it with a face cloth. You can leave it on all night as well if you wish. Once the mask is off, I apply the Lancome Énergie De Vie moisturiser.

So far the range has impressed me. If you want to see it for yourself, it’s available in Brown Thomas.

I’ll also be doing a separate review on this when I get home.

4/ Nuxe After Sun


The Nuxe After Sun is basically a refreshing lotion for face and body. Even though I haven’t burned, the skin is still exposed to the sun so it’s just nice to apply the after-sun lotion to my skin after a shower.

I have been using this each night as has Dylan. Like all Nuxe products, it smells absolutely beautiful and really moisturises the skin too.

We keep it in our mini bar fridge so that it’s nice and cold when we apply it in the evenings after our showers.

5/ Tan


As you already know, I’m not big into lying out on a lounger to get a tan. I prefer to have a spray tan applied before I go, or if I’m stuck for time, I will apply it myself the night before I go.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you will know I decided to try out the new Bellamianta Tan while here.

I got it after I saw Tara Makeup recommending it on her Snapchat. It looked amazing so I figured I would give it a try!

Bellamianta Tan

So far I am loving it. It gives such a beautiful golden colour to skin; really sun-kissed looking!

I will be doing a separate review on this when I get home, and in that I will answer all the questions you guys have sent me about tanning!

6/ SOSU Complete Contour Palette


Not to sound bias or anything, but the SOSU Contour Palette has been amazing for bringing on holiday. It has the setting powder, the concealer, bronzer, highlighter, all in one kit and because it’s such a multi-use product, it’s a great space-saver!

I have been using it every night as part of my makeup routine before dinner. I’m so proud to say that this one palette has literally has answered all of my makeup needs… And I own it. #proud ☺️

7/ Colour Wow Root Cover Up (in dark brown)

wow colour

As you guys know, my hair is naturally very dark so I have to get my roots done every few weeks.

Whenever I notice a few white hairs peeping through, I use Colour Wow Root Cover Up in the shade dark brown and it disguises them!

I can’t go on holiday without it!



I alternate between 3 different lipsticks I brought with me: Tom Ford Nude Vanille / L’Oreal Fairest Nude in 400 / MAC Velvet Teddy.

If you have been following me on social media, you will know that I am a big nude lip lover at the moment (it’s such a perfect summer makeup look!) and these are my 3 current faves!

9/ Pearl Drops Daily Whitening Toothpaste

I used to use this for years but for some reason I stopped using it and tried out other brands.

It’s one of those old faithful products that you go back to.

I brought it with me because not only is it a nice little size for packing (I got the 50ml one), it’s also quite good for keeping the teeth looking white.

I have veneers on top, but my bottom teeth are all my own which is why I like to use a whitening toothpaste to keep them looking sparkly.travel beauty essentials

10/ Simple Miscellar Cleansing Wipes

I always bring wipes away with me when I’m travelling. I find them great for refreshing the hands and face when I’m on a long plane journey.

They’re also good to have in the beach bag for when you need to clean your skin of sand, or to remove panda eyes caused by last night’s mascara and sea water!

A great emergency item to have.

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So there you have it guys, my top 10 travel essentials! It’s so late here, so I’m going to head to bed! 

Hope the post was of some help and if you have any questions, feel free to post in the comment box below!


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