Thailand: The 6 Essential Makeup Brushes I Always Bring When Travelling

suzanne jackson

Hi guys!

It’s nearly Friday!!! 

We’re flying all day tomorrow so before I head to bed I wanted to do a quick blog post about something I’ve been asked about a few times before…the makeup brushes I bring with me when travelling.

For those of you who have picked up the SoSueMe brush kit in past, you’re completely sorted as that’s ideal for bringing with you, however as that set has since sold out, I wanted to recommend other brushes for those who might not have the set or who might be looking to update their kit.

suzanne jackson crownbrush brushes

I featured these on my Snapchat (sosueme_ie) a couple of days ago!

Obviously with so many different brushes on the market, it can be hard to know what ones to bring away with you. In the past, I used to bring the lot with me which was a nightmare in terms of space, but now I know I only need just 6 or so! 

These are the essential brushes that will do everything I need.

As you know I’m an ambassador for Crownbrush UK and I have been using their range for a long time now (even long before I became their ambassador), so all the brushes below are from their range and can be got from their website.

1/ C406 Large Duo Face Brush

C406 Large Duo Face Brush

This is one of my favourite brushes. I use it mainly for applying my foundation, but also sometimes for blending out contour, and sometimes for running it over my face so that there’s no harsh lines anywhere.

It’s really a great tool for blending so much so that I’m actually not one bit surprised it’s one of the Crownbrush bestsellers.

 €13 – Buy here

2/ C405 Contour Brush

c405 crownbrush

This is my favourite brush for applying powder contour, and for powdering under my eyes with a lighter contour powders. I also use it for blusher and powder highlighter. Overall, I use it mainly for the cheek area.

It’s my favourite because the angled hairs makes the brush perfect for applying product to the cheeks. I always use the pointed tip to apply my powder highlighter.

 €11 – Buy here

3/ C441 -Pro Blending Crease 


This fluffy eye shadow brush works like a dream. When I travel, I always bring two of these with me – one for brown eye shadow tones and one for lighter creamier eye shadow tones. I actually have quite a few of them, but I find I only need 2 when away.

It’s great for not only applying the eye shadow but also blending it in. It’s so inexpensive, and takes care of a lot of the ground work when it comes to eye makeup. I especially love it for blending, It’s an amazing eye shadow blending brush, and as we all know, blending is key to perfecting eye makeup.

You could also use this brush for under-eye concealer. It’s great for applying it and then buffing it in. It’s a small brush with a lot of different uses so it’s perfect for taking with me when traveling.

 €5 – Buy here

4/ C404 – Small Duo Foundation Brush


I use this brush when contouring with the lighter colour highlighter. I use it to both apply and blend, but I also like to use it for precision foundation application.

Some days I want extra coverage, so I use this because it gives more precision.

 €10 – Buy here

5/ C158 – Eyebrow Brush


Whether I’m at home or away, I ALWAYS use this brush. It’s a duo brush as it has an angled end and a spoolie end.

I usually use it for filling in my brows and sometimes I will use the angled end for applying my eyeliner if I’m using a gel liner. I mainly use it for brows though.

 €4 – Buy here

6/ C320 Precision Pointed Powder Brush 


This is great for powdering the face or setting the powder under the eyes. It’s also a handy one to have for applying bronzer. It’s one of those all-round brushes which is why it always comes with me on holiday!

 €24 – Buy here

There you have it guys, the only brushes I need when travelling! 


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