Part 1 Of Our Trip To The Maldives: Maafushivaru Resort

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Hello from The Maldives!

We’re having pretty temperamental weather here at the moment. Today it has been bucketing down every few hours so I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up with you all and share with you the run-down of the first half of the trip.

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat will know that Dylan and I flew out last Wednesday.

I was so looking forward to this trip and couldn’t wait for it to begin. The last couple of weeks and months have been so intense.

I have been working non-stop on establishing SOSUBySJ fashion… there has been times when I was working absolutely crazy hours, and often without any much sleep.


Gilet – here // Jeans – here

There’s a never ending to-do list when a business project is in it’s early days, so for quite a while things have been pretty hectic.

December is a generally quiet time in the blogging world as everyone winds down for the Christmas, so we usually plan a trip together to finish off the year with a treat. That coupled with our engagement anniversary & Dylan’s birthday – it seemed like the ideal time to go away on a trip to somewhere really special – the Maldives!

Although we had the fashion launching while we were away, everything was in place. That’s the best thing about online, you can literally work from anywhere in the world, and that is something I love about my job. Once we were happy with everything in the SOSUbySJ camp – new website was ready, stock was in, our warehouse were on standby – I knew everything was good to go and I could head off and try to some what unwind and relax after a CRAZY 12 months.

So back to the holiday…..

The Maldives = one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s literally paradise. Even when the weather is bad, it’s still unbelievably beautiful!


As most of you know, myself and Dylan got engaged in the Maldives last year and we fell in love with the place. It truly is amazing.  We really wanted to go back again this year so we got planning, but we decided to do things a bit differently this time around.

So last year we spent 8 days at the one resort, and even though it was absolutely stunning, it’s nice to mix things up a bit, so this year we decided we would split the 8 days between two resorts.

The first resort, at which we spent the first 4 days, which I’m going to be telling you all about today, was called the Maafushivaru Resort.

We were exhausted after working so hard on SOSU for the past number of months so we wanted the first resort to be the kind of place where we could really relax and unwind.


Lace top – here

You honestly wouldn’t believe how tranquil and peaceful Maafushivaru is. It is the ultimate couples resort, perfect for honeymooners. It’s the type of location that is very relaxed and people there are on a total unwinding holiday.

The Maafushivaru resort is so laid back, so much so that 80% of the resort is sand and most of the guests there were barefoot for the majority of time.


Lace top – here

When we arrived there, we were tired and worn out from the long haul flight not to mention stressed and exhausted from the long hours we worked in the days leading up to the trip just to ensure the SOSU site would be ready for Friday.

That said, we did do some work on Thursday, just some last minute prep and finalising details.


Once the site was launched on Friday morning, we were able to relax and chill out.

Another thing I loved about Maafushivaru was how really relaxed the vibe was, even though it’s a luxurious resort, there was no pressure to go all-out-dressy each night and I really liked that about the place.

Shorts, a top, hair in a bun with flip flops was mine and most guests choice of clothing each night. There is no pressure to dress up which makes things even more relaxing and enjoyable.


In terms of room options, there’s a beach villa and a water villa. We chose a water villa – it looked every bit as incredible as we expected. It had a ladder into the tropical blue water, so you could snorkel right outside your room in the beautiful blue sea.

The beach villas were also pretty cool and were so close to the shore. If you are booking… defo go with the beach villas. They were right on the beach and had cool beach beds outside the entrance meaning you could relax on the beach in the comfort of your own space. Different and very relaxing.


In terms of food – Maafushuri had to down to a T, their food was to die for.

The main restaurant had a buffet style service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lots of people have the impression that buffet food isn’t the best but the food in this buffet was premium, absolutely 5 star. It tasted amazing and the selection was so diverse.

There was something there to suit every guest, whether they be vegan, vegetarian, fruit lovers, meat eaters or all round foodies! All dietary requirements were also caterer for.


When the restaurant was closed in preparation for the next meal, there was a fab beach style café where you could order snacks, desserts, drinks, etc.

If you wanted something a little different – there was also a speciality restaurant on the island.

It was a Japanese restaurant where a small number of guests sit around the chef and watch him cook all these elaborate dishes. We were there with an Essex couple who were on their honeymoon and we had so much fun with the chef. It was really entertaining.


Dress – here

The restaurant is actually located on the sea so the views are truly spectacular. If you are going there for your honeymoon, I would strongly recommend that you book this restaurant as  treat.

It’s such a great option. I had some prawns and vegetable rice while Dylan had the meat option. The food was incredible but watching the chef cook our dishes was really entertaining.


During our stay, we got chatting to the general manager of the island.

He was such a gentleman and gifted us a night’s stay on the resort’s private island, Nobu!

The gift included a nights stay on the island, dinner that night with our own private chef and waiter as well as breakfast too. How special <3


Maafushivaru is a dream location and we absolutely loved it there but oh my God, the private was absolutely mind blowing!

It takes just ten minutes to get to Nobu by boat from Maafushivaru. When we arrived, we were shown around. The sand there is so white and the water around the island is an insanely stunning azure blue.

There was a dining area outdoors, a Jacuzzi, a greenery, and all the amenities you could want. It was without doubt the most beautiful island I have ever seen; it was just absolute magic.

We really soaked up the experience, sitting there with some wine looking at the white sand and blue water…. a view that is so beautiful – its breathtaking.

Dylan also brought the drone to capture some amazing video footage and images from the sky for my vlog. It was the dream location to fly a drone and Dylan loved it.


That evening, our waiter escorted us to an outdoor area where we were left with a cooler filled of pre-ordered drinks. A short time later, the waiter brought us to a lit up table on the beach and served us our meals.

The table was situated in such a way that you were dining while looking out on to the water. It really was so special.

Following our meal, the waiter and chef left the island and we had the whole place to ourselves. It felt a bit surreal having an entire island to ourselves! We sat down by the sand on a swinging couch and just chatted about everything for a couple of hours while stargazing.

The whole experience was so spectacular.



A night away on a desert island is something really special and definitely worth considering if you are going there on honeymoon. Definitely a once in a lifetime memory.

It’s so idyllic there that it actually felt surreal to wake up to a Pinterest-style view the following morning!

Definitely a resort worth booking for your honeymoon!!

So that’s all I have for you so far guys….. but I’ll be back on with some details of resort number 2.

Lots of love,


Since this post was published, we’ve had lots of emails from you guys wanting to know different details such as who we booked with, who we flew with, etc.

So here are the answers to your questions:

1/ We booked Emirates direct and we also booked the resort direct.

2/ Here is the website for the Maafushivaru Maldives resort: www.maafushivaru.com

3/ Here is the offer: Kuoni (01306 747008 or www.kuoni.co.uk) offers 7 nights on full board basis at the 5-star Maafushivaru, Maldives in a beach villa, including flights. Prices for May 2017 are from £2,323 per person, based on two sharing.

Hope that helps! x


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