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Cute Ways To Include Your Dog In Wedding Photos!

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Hi everyone….

So today was fun as I shooting for my beauty brand SOSU and tomorrow is going to be even more exciting because I’m launching my new lash range at 8pm on

So exciting!!

Anyway, blog wise, I have a wedding post with a difference for you this evening!

Today, it’s all about the other love in a bride’s life … her dog(s)!

Those of you following me on social media will know how much Dylan and I love Coco and Harper, how much they mean to us, and how important they are to us. They’re our two fur babies!


Well a lot of people have been asking if our dogs will be making an appearance in our wedding pictures and the answer is of course they will!

I know on the morning of my own wedding, I will MOST DEFINITELY be having lots of shots taken with Coco and Harper!

If you’re a dog owner, then you too will no doubt want to include your pet(s) in your photos on the morning of your big day.

Well there are some seriously adorable ways in which you can do this, so I decided to round up some photo props that you can use to really make the moment extra cute!

I can’t wait for my wedding pictures with my two babies!


Best Dog Boy Bow-tie Dog Collar – here

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My Humans Are Getting Married Photo Prop – here and here

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Woodland Rustic Floral Dog Leash for Weddings – here


My Mom & Dad Are Getting Married – here


Ivory Dog of Honour Girl Collar with Flowers – here


Dog wedding lead with satin bow – here


White My Humans Are Getting Married White Photo Prop – here


I Loved Her First sign – here


Wedding flower dog collar – here


Has Anyone Seen The Rings sign – here


Wedding flower dog collar – here

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