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Hey guys

God, it’s been so long since I updated my wedding blog!

In the very beginning, I wanted to document everything that happened in the lead up to the wedding but as things started to come together, I started to feel like I wanted to keep some stuff private. Also, another reason the wedding blog has been quiet is because I have really only delved into the major planning of our big day and I suppose it feels a bit more real now, so it will be easier to blog about.

I have been inundated with questions about our wedding, so over the next few weeks I am going to fill you in on all the details about certain elements of our big day as well as answer the most frequent questions I’ve been asked too.

When I posted a blog about wedding flower centrepieces a few months back, it was one of the highest read posts, so today I decided that I would start with that topic.


For Dylan and I, the floral décor was always going to be an important part of our big day.

In fact, when we were budgeting for the wedding, we wanted to allow for a really nice flower display. When I attended my best friend’s weddings two years, the first thing I noticed that absolutely blew me away was her floral display, and, being a huge a huge flower lover myself, it was just one of those elements that meant a lot to us. For a reception room, the flower arrangements can really make or break it in my opinion.

Like every bride, I want our big day to look out of this world, so working with the likes of Gotcha Covered Wedding Planners and Event Specialists was such a brilliant help because they are really bringing our ideas to life. They also helped me hugely when it came to the kind of wedding flower arrangements I should go for.

In terms of wedding flower specialists in Ireland, I kept coming across three main players during my research. They were Lamber de Bie Flowers in Kilkenny and Waterford, French Touch in Dublin and Joanna Caffrey, also in Dublin.


Funnily enough, when I was in the process of looking for a florist, I actually I bumped into Lamber himself following an event I was speaking at. I instantly warmed to him; he was such a gentleman, so friendly and his professionalism was second to none. We had a brief chat about the wedding and he gave me his brochure to have a look at and asked me to get in touch if I had any more Q’s. When I got home, I went through his brochure and did my homework. His sample flower arrangements blew me away and I specifically remember thinking to myself, ‘this is the guy I’m going to go with!’

There was also another personal reason I chose Lamber if I am totally honest. I’m very close to my Nanny Jackson, who sadly suffers quite badly with Alzheimer’s and has been in a nursing home for the last ten years. My nanny, a proud Kilkenny Woman might I add, unfortunately, won’t be able to attend our big day which makes me sad in my heart. When I noticed that Lamber was based in Kilkenny – it kind of felt nice to go with him, it in some way would be a piece of my nanny there if that makes sense? Maybe is sounds naff, but it felt right to me (and Dyaln), my gut was saying YES.


Upon meeting with Lamber once or twice and chatting to him about wedding floral display ideas for the church and reception, I knew I had made the right decision! He is simply AMAZING.

While all the florists I checked out were unbelievably fantastic, my gut was telling me that Lamber was the florist for us. We have our food-tasting and table décor samples happening in May at the venue and I’m really excited to see the flower arrangements on the day. I’m so excited because it will really give us a feel for how the room will look on the big day itself.

With just four months to go, it’s starting to feel more real than ever! I’m so thrilled with everyone I have booked so I can’t wait to start sharing more and more with you over the coming weeks!

Have a great weekend, guys! 




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