WEDDING WEEK: Our Wedding Venue & Decor!


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Hey guys!

I’m not officially back to work in the office yet, however, I was itching to get back into blogging and share some special moments from our wedding weekend with you all! I know lots of you had questions about different things, so…. welcome to WEDDING WEEK on SoSueMe, where every day I will be sharing wedding-related blog posts on topics you guys have been asking me about the most. Things like venue details, flower details, dress details, music details, etc. All the deets really!

I obviously share so much with you guys and have done for the past 7 years during my blogging career, so sharing the details of the most important weekend of our life is no different!

I know you all had a glimpse of the big day in VIP Magazine, however, I’m going to share some further details here on SoSueMe.ie!

To kick it all off, I’m going to start with the venue and room decor.


Pic (c) Gotcha Covered

When choosing a venue for your special day, it goes without saying that it needs to meet all your requirements.

We really wanted somewhere private; somewhere that felt like it was just us, our families and our closest friends. We also wanted a hotel that had amazing food and a serious quality of service, and I have to say we found that venue of our dreams in Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa.

Hand on my heart, I cannot praise them enough! Jens and his team were so attentive to every little detail. And if you’re wondering (trolls are out) – yes I paid for my wedding and the venue, and this is not sponsored in any way shape or form!


Pic (c) Gotcha Covered

Moving on to our choice of wedding planners and event decor specialists.

After attending the wedding of one of my pals in Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa three years ago and witnessing the stunningly beautiful display that Gotcha Covered had created for them, I was in awe of their work. When we started the wedding prep after getting engaged, there was no question in my mind who I wanted to have onboard.

I completely understand that having a wedding specialist might not be everyone’s choice, but as Dylan and I were mad busy with SOSUbySJ projects at the time, we felt it was the right move for us. It took the pressure off, but also we knew that if anyone could help us achieve that fairytale wedding we dreamed of, then it would be them.

We loved what Gotcha Covered did so much that we asked them to come on board to oversee the Hot Fire eyeshadow palette launch this week! As they’re also event decor specialists, we knew they would be the ideal team to help make the launch venue look unreal!

On the day of our wedding, I couldn’t believe it was the same ballroom when I stepped into it and having seen what Joanne, Patrick, and their team can do, I completely understand why the company is renowned for delivering such impressive and creative results. I think each of our guests were left open-mouthed in awe when they walked into the room!

It was just spectacularly done and everything we hoped for!


The top table! Pic (c) Gotcha Covered

As you can see from the pictures in this post, there was no shortage of attention to detail from all of us involved and they absolutely brought our vision to life.

We dealt with Joanne and Patrick for the whole duration of the wedding planning period, which was about 18 months, and there was never any issue too big or any problem they couldn’t handle. For a stressed bride, they were a dream to work with and, as my friend who used them for her wedding day also agreed, they go above and beyond with their service.

I wanted to show you guys the room decor in detail. For us, our fairytale venue would have everything in white and rose gold. That was the colour scheme we loved from the get go, Gotcha Covered totally transformed the ballroom in Powerscourt!

We opted for white carpet throughout, Lamber de Bie’s beautiful flower displays both high and low, rose gold cutlery from Newbridge Silverware, and subtle touches of blush pink elements throughout the table setting.

We also had beautiful ivory menu with rose gold foiling, which Appleberry Press created for us.


Pic (c) Gotcha Covered

As you guys might know, rose gold cutlery is hard to come by so when I received a Newbridge Silverware press drop about 15 months ago containing their new rose gold cutlery, straight away I knew I wanted that cutlery for my big day.

It was such a beautiful detail on the tables and having worked with Newbridge Silverware over the years, I was genuinely delighted to have them involved on our big day.


Pic (c) Gotcha Covered

The ballroom was scented with Jo Malone candles and diffusers and as you guys know, Jo Malone has, for years, been my signature scent so when the idea of wedding room scenting was suggested to me, I thought it was a brilliant idea and was so thrilled when we were able to have a Jo Malone scent involved.

Smell is such a huge thing to me, and now anytime I smell Orange Blossom, it instantly brings that wave of pure love and joy I felt that whole weekend. It will forever be a special scent to me and will forever remind me of the amazing feeling I felt that entire weekend.

What you see in the photos was mine and Dylan’s ultimate dream, and Gotcha Covered brought it all to life – so THANK you, Patrick, Joanne, and team!

I will feature the other part of the room – the night club area – in another blog post. Today I just wanted to concentrate on the beautiful ballroom and show you guys the details.

So that’s it, guys! I really hope you love what we went for, and do let me know what you think of it! We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! 


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