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Looking For Fuller Brows? I Have The Answer!


Of all the subjects I am asked about on a daily basis, brows are probably up there in the top 3! Thankfully I am blessed with good Jackson eyebrows, thanks dad… but for those of you who are looking to achieve fuller brows for your big day (or in general) without the pain of having to try and grow your own… I think you will like this!

Recently, my mam had the Embrowdery treatment carried out so I decided to take you through the process she underwent because it’s something you guys have asked me about in the past.

In short, my mam has hated her eyebrows for as long as I can remember. She over tweezed them when she was younger and always regretted it.

Recently however she was talking about having some form of treatment to try and improve their appearance, so I told her about a friend of mine in Portmarnock, Eve Ellen, who specialises in Embrowdery and recommended that she should look into giving it a go. Check out her Facebook here.

Mum is now thrilled with her new brows!


About the treatment itself:

There’s actually a lot of misconceptions out there about Embrowdery. Yes it’s semi-permanent and similar to tattooing in a way, but it doesn’t go as deep as a tattoo and it’s certainly not done with a tattoo machine. It’s a painless treatment that is carried out with a hand-held tool and done in hair strokes so it’s very natural looking.

When people hear the term ‘semi-permanent brows’, they often freak at the idea of having strong artificial looking brows, but Embrowdery is not like that. It’s actually designed to be a day look, so the result is very natural-looking!

In my opinion, this is brilliant for a bride to be! Pictures on your big day are something you want to look back on and feel good about yourself, and if you hate your brows – well now is the time to do something about it ahead of the day itself! 

After speaking with Eve Ellen, mam was booked in for the standard 3 sessions which is a total cost of €400 and is broken down into 3 payments.

image1 (1)By the end of the third session, mam was delighted with her eyebrows, especially as she now doesn’t need to fill them in as much!

They look so natural, and they really frame her face too.

If anyone wants to inquire about having the treatment, they can contact Eve Ellen through her website here.

Happy Brows!



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