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Hi guys!

Happy Friday…. It’s so lovely outside, hope you’re all out enjoying the sunshine?

At the moment, I’m surrounded by wedding magazines, but it was so nice to be able to take them outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the nice weather.

As most of you know from my Snapchat, Dylan and I are getting married August 5th 2017 and I can’t believe how fast the months are flying in.

Only the other day we were chatting about maybe having an engagement party as we never had one due to Christmas being so hectic in itself. After talking about it for a few minutes we realised that we got engaged FIVE months ago and how fast the time has gone. (it’s defo too late to have an engagement party haha)

It literally feels like were only engaged a month or two. Crazy! I’m even more sure now that the big day is going to creep up on us even faster! 🙂

wedding sign

Just before we headed to Thailand we booked our venue and we are so excited. Once the venue is booked, it all seems very real and now it’s time for the real planning. I have butterflies even writing this.

I promise I will reveal our chosen venue very soon, but before I do, I will first be publishing a venue-hopping post in the coming days because I know that LOTS of you wanted to know what we thought of the different venues we checked out.

So on Wednesday just gone, myself and Dylan went to meet with our wedding planners, Patrick and Joanna from Gotcha Covered in our chosen wedding venue to discuss room décor, colour schemes, our ideas and so on. Of course we have discussed all of this briefly in our meetings before, but on Wednesday we really narrowed it down to what we want, what we have in mind for our big day, what we have to do in terms of planning and booking etc.

This was a meeting we really gave all our dream wish-list ideas to Patrick and Joanne and in our next meeting we will discuss the full wedding brief and the dreaded budget, again. Obviously you have your overall budget in mind, but once the venue is out of the way and you know what that’s costing (jesus they’re not cheap, are they), it’s good to see what other costs you are going to have on top of that so you have a better ball park figure. AND going by what we want and my taste – it’s not going to be cheap haha! 

When I was going through our checklist with our planners, I realised that the one thing I had completely overlooked was entertainment. Patrick and Joanna stressed how important it was to start looking into this immediately as the best wedding entertainers are always booked up quite fast so I put the word out on Facebook and Twitter and got lots of suggestions back!

I have already started looking into some of the amazingly talented people you guys suggested so thank you very much for all your help! I really appreciate it… 🙂

wedding flowers

Another topic on our list was wedding flowers. Flowers are a huge part of the wedding day and we want the best florist in Ireland. I personally know how important they are and I am a huge flower lover. I have been to a good few weddings and flowers can literally make or break a venue in my opinion. They make SUCH a difference to the room, the church, the feel and look of everything.

The good news is there that we have a very clear image of design, colours and layout (hello pinterst), so now all we need it the florist quotes and we will work from there. Patrick actually recommended two companies and I know both – so I think we will pay both a visit and see which we prefer.

During the meeting we also discussed wedding cakes. This is as good as sorted as we have been in contact with an amazing cake designer, which I will tell you more about in the coming weeks. I can’t wait for the cake tasting and design ideas to happen… judging by this ladies work – she is at the top of her game!


We also talked about things such as the favours, the day itself, day 2 and of course the little things like the transport for the bridal party to and from the church and venue. As we were going through the list and chatting about ideas, I could kind of visualise it all coming together!

I know we’re a long way off yet, but the more we discussed different things such as the top table layout, church music, etc, it all started to feel so real 🙂

Patrick and Joanna have a good idea of what we want now, so we are confident they will make our wedding a day never to forget!

Until next week,


Sue xx

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  1. Clarice O'Hagan
    18 May 2016 / 13:25

    Love this section Sue xxx

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