WEDDING WEEK: Suits For The Boys!

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Hi guys!

Happy Friday! So glad to hear you’re all loving the wedding posts so far. I wasn’t expecting this reaction at all! Obviously, with the madness of the eyeshadow palette launch on Wednesday, we are behind on the posts, but I will continue blogging about my wedding details for the next week until I answer all of the main questions/inquiries.

I have been getting lots of different questions about various aspects of the wedding and a big one I wanted to concentrate on today was the suits.

So as most of you will know, Dylan loves his style, and from the second we started planning the wedding, Louis Copeland was on his list for both his and the groomsmen suits!

Dylan has worn Louis Copeland’s pieces in the past, for events such as LFW and numerous weddings, and he always loved how he felt and looked wearing Louis Copeland, so it was no surprise when he told me that he going there for his wedding attire.

suzanne jackson wedding (2)

Dylan and the lads went to the Louis Copeland store on Wicklow Street, and it was Emmett who assisted them from start to finish – who was amazing by the way. I witnessed the service and expertise myself from Emmet and David on a few occasions and they were nothing short of perfectionists. As you can imagine, it was no easy task considering the majority of them are in the gym 5 days a week.

The groomsmen also found them to be such a pleasure to deal with. They actually loved the whole process and were delighted with the end result.

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Dylan opted for a really smart navy three piece suit for all of the lads.

The groomsmen also wore dusky pink ties and white handkerchief in the breast pocket, which was such an elegant finishing touch.

To stand out as the groom, Dylan went for a really smart made-to-measure navy suit with a contrasting grey waistcoat, white shirt and ivory tie to match my dress tone.

After much consideration and guidance, (Louis Copeland literally have thousands of fabrics to choose from!)  Dylan opted for a super-fine Italia wool material so that way his suit would be very elegant as well as light to wear.

Overall, he looked very sharp on the day as did his groomsmen, and most importantly, they all felt a million dollars too.

Each suit was fitted to their body shape and the lads have since worn them for other events. My brother and my dad actually wore their suits for my nephew’s christening last weekend.

suzanne jackson wedding photos

We can honestly say the Louis Copeland team were an absolute dream to deal with and the suits the guys went with are the kind they will have for life. I genuinely can’t recommend them highly enough.

I genuinely highly recommend them for any important occasion; if you’re after excellent customer service, detailed tailoring, and superb quality – then you won’t be disappointed.

suzanne jackson wedding photos (3)

So there you have it guys, the full low down on the wedding suits! 

If you have any questions, just message me or pop them below.





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