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Your Bridal Emergency Bag


Brides always worry about what might go wrong on the day. Having a bridal emergency bag should put your mind at ease somewhat. An emergency bag will essentially be your go-to kit should the unexpected occur to you or one of your bridal party.

This is a job for your bridesmaid so give her the list and have her bring the bag to the hotel on the day itself.

The only items you will have to add to on the morning will be things liker your makeup, brushes, and your perfume.

Items for the bag:

  • Dressmakers chalk or white chalk to cover any marks on the wedding dress
  • Drinking straws. This will prevent the bride and bridesmaids ruining their lipstick when taking a drink of water, particularly in between photographs
  • A list of key people (florist, priest, limo driver, DJ, hotel, photographer etc) and their phone numbers
  • Spare safety pins for repairs or in case the florist forgets them for the corsages, etc
  • Masking/sewing tape for broken bouquet handles, falling hems, etc
  • Super glue for shoe heels, loose diamonds in accessories or tiara, etc
  • Lip balm and lipstick for the brides to reapply during photographs, etc
  • Band-aids for dance floor blisters


  • Antacid tablets to settle nervous and upset stomachs
  • Any prescription medications the bride or groom may need
  • Sanitary products needed by the bride or bridesmaids
  • Clear nail polish for runs in tights
  • Buttons should be collected from all the “spares” that came with the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Compact sewing kit (with scissors and thread)
  • Aspirin/headache painkillers (for the morning after!)
  • Hair pins / Hairbrush / Backcombing brush / Comb / Dry shampoo / Hairspray
  • Travel size deodorant / Moist towelettes / Pocket tissues / Cotton wool swabs
  • Travel size nail file set

Bridal Themed Totes We Love 

To hold the items, all you need is a strong spacious canvas bag.

We especially love these inexpensive totes!

bridal emergency bag

Heart tote (available in different colours) – here

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Bridal tote – here

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Personalised tote (available in different colours) – here

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Rhinestone Mrs bag – here

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Personalised wedding year tote (available in different colours) – here


Love heart bag – here

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Personalised wedding tote – here

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Mrs bag – here

bridal emergency bag

Matron of honour bridal bag – here

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