Beauty: 5 Steps to the False Lash Effect


We’re always looking for the next beauty quirk and this one is very unexpected! Apparently all you need for long false lash effect lashes is talcum powder! Who knew? Follow these five DIY steps to long lashes without the falsies. 🙂


Step 1: Curl your lashes

Use your eye lash curler to curl your lashes, holding it down for 8 seconds at a time. Remember, you can heat your curler near a hair dryer for a few seconds and wait for it to cool to give an extra lift. Find out more here: https://sosueme.ie/the-hair-and-beauty-room/5-quick-fix-beauty-tricks/


Step 2: Coat your lashes in mascara

Making sure each lash is coated from root to tip, brush your lashes with one to two coats of your favourite mascara.


Step 3: Talcum Powder!

This is the trick to try! Pour a little talc onto the lid of a jar or into your hand and coat a q tip with the powder.


Step 4: Coat your lashes with talc!

Cover both the bottom and the top of your eye lashes with the powder. They should be fairly well coated, so that your lashes have a grey appearance.


Step 5: Apply more mascara

Coat your eyelashes with mascara again, covering the talcum powder layer. Your lashes may start to clump, so separate them with an eyelash comb.


Voilà! The top photo shows the false lash effect eye compared to a no mascara eye. The second compares ordinary mascara coated lashes to ones that have been covered with talcum powder. Who knew?!

Will you be giving it a try?

(source: elle.com)


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  1. dannielle
    3 May 2014 / 20:15

    I have been doing this for ages now and love it! such a big diff xx

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