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5 Ways To Use Your Leftover Easter Eggs

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Back to reality after the Easter weekend… and for some of us back to the realization that all the good lenten dieting we had gone through has been wiped out since Sunday.

How many of you got TOO many eggs this year? (Are there ever too many?) Or maybe your children received too many? Either way, ask yourself this…. are you going to be looking at a lifetime supply of chocolate in your home for the foreseeable future?

If the answer is yes then we have some tips for you, all of which can be shared with friends and family. Takes away some of the guilt of eating it all by yourself …

5 Ways to use up your leftover Easter Eggs

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1) Melt those babies down and make rice krispie buns. Just the olden days, relive your youth with some less threatening treats by adding your melted Easter Eggs to a bag of cereal. The best part is you can offload them onto the neighbourhood children. It’s a way of filtering chocolate out of your house so you won’t eat it all yourself.


2) Make your own hot chocolate. Rachel Allen gives her recipe for making your own hot chocolate out of leftover Easter eggs. And let’s face it, it’s never too warm for a hot chocolate in Ireland.

You will need:

200ml (7fl oz) milk

50g (1½oz) good quality dark and milk chocolate

A splash of cream (optional)

A splash of brandy, whiskey or Baileys (optional)

Put the milk and the chopped dark and milk chocolate, and the cream, if you’re using it, in a saucepan and slowly heat the mixture up, stirring to gently melt the chocolate. Add a splash of brandy, whiskey or Baileys, if you’re using any of them, then pour into a cup and serve.

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3) Chocolate covered pancakes. Need we say any more? Again with the melting….. simply drizzle melted chocolate over a stack of hot pancakes. Throw some cream or sliced bananas on top sure.

Hey, we never said this list was going to be healthy!!


4) Easter Egg breakfast bowl. Yes you are really seeing this image. We found it over on BelfastDining twitter page, and we’re going to be honest, we’re tempted to try it.


5) Or ya know … Just keep it all for yourself in a hidden stash. Realistically, How many more bouts of PMS have we until Christmas? We’re gonna need a backup supply til’ then. Sorry kids.





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