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New App Will Revolutionise Online Shopping (And Probably Take Over Your Life)


Online shopping is hardly anything new to us all in the digital generation, but up until now it’s been hit and miss when it comes to being able to find what you’re looking for. Enter TheFind. TheFind is a new search engine (the only one of it’s kind actually) that’s custom built for online shopping.

We’ve all had the experience of trawling through dozens of browsers, multiple tabs open, and all in search of that elusive perfect outfit or accessory. It’s not too bad if you know exactly what you’re looking for, but just type in black strapless dress and google will dump and infinite number of possibilities that can take hours to sort through and narrow down for you.


What TheFind does however is let you type in your search criteria, then narrow down the field by putting in a minimum or maximum price, where it’s shipping from, etc. You’ll only be given the highest rated items and only up to date stock lists so you wont be brought to a page where you’ll log in only to find the outfit sold out!

The designer got the idea for the marvellous new app by watching his wife get frustrated with the online shopping experience and what a pain in the ass it can be.


“I used to observe my wife’s unwieldy process of shopping online which seemed like pogo-sticking – she’s have multiple browsers open, simultaneous searches, so I knew there had to be a better way to search and browse across multiple stores.”

The website is live now and the app is launching shortly for Apple users with an Android version to follow on. Now that you can browse and shop more efficiently, time to start saving as there’s no excuse not to find the perfect outfit for any occasion!


(Images and source – InStyle)


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