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Ant McPartlin & His Mum Attacked In London


Ant McPartlin, one half of hugely popular and entertaining Ant & Dec, had to call police after first he, then his mum were attacked outside a London pub it’s been reported.

Ant McPartlin had taken his mother Christine and his aunt out for a bite to eat and as they enjoyed a meal together, a gang of youths spotted them and began banging on the window of the Old Station House pub in West London and using their phones to film the TV star.

According to reports from witnesses, Ant went outside to politely ask the group to stop when he was jumped on. At that point his 58-year-old mum rushed outside and she was then shoved to the ground as she tried to help her son.

“The youths were banging on the window, filming them and generally being a pain — and they just wouldn’t let it lie. Ant was completely reasonable and said, ‘Leave it out, lads, I’m just having a quiet meal. But it immediately turned really nasty and one of them jumped on him and put him in a head-lock.

When his mum came out to see what was going on she was pushed over. It was shocking and terrifying to see. Ant was furious and both he and his mum were left shaken.”


A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed police had been called to the incident, which happened on Thursday night, but confirmed that neither Ant or his mum suffered any injuries and they just wanted to forget the whole ordeal. Frightening to think that that’s the price of fame these days.

(Images and source – The Sun, Huffpost)


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