WATCH: Full Video Of My Trip To Meet Henry Holland With Magnum In London!


Last week I was flown to London to celebrate Magnum’s 25th Birthday! An amazing, buzzy high-end party took place last Wednesday night at the amazing Home House in London and I was there to capture the full event and meet one of the Uk biggest fashion designers.

magnum 4

My dress on the night

The event itself was a celebration of Magnum chocolate ice cream and it was attended by media, VIPs and celebrities alike. At the party, Mr Henry Holland revealed a Magnum Classic inspired dress that he designed especially for Magnums 25th birthday…a 1960s-inspired shift with a structured, pointed collar and chocolate sequins.

Talking about his creation, Henry said;

“I was really excited to design a piece for Magnum to mark this very special milestone, and have certainly never had Magnum as a muse before! I’ve never even made anything in brown, so this really is unique. The inspiration for the dress came from the first bite of a Magnum, when the chocolate cracks revealing the ice cream underneath. I wanted to create an exquisite piece covered with embellishment that reflected the cracking chocolate and the layers of outer shell and hidden centre.”


Alongside Henrys creation was an actual wearable chocolate dress that was created as an exact replica just for the party! A team of three expert chocolatiers spent more than 100 hours perfecting the creation, which is equal to the amount of chocolate found on 833 Magnum Classic ice creams.

Of course if I was being flown over by Magnum to attend the A-Lister event, we documented the entire trip and my interview with Henry Holland for all my lovely readers and the Irish media!

Here is it:

magnum 3

magnum 2


Hope you enjoy the video!

Happy Sunday guys!!

Sue xxxx


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