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Best. Christmas Lights. Ever.


We love decorating the house for Christmas, and one of the nicest things you can do to get in the festive spirit is a beautiful display of Christmas lights outside the house for everyone to enjoy. Well, hats off to to the owner of this house in Texas, because we’re pretty sure it’s the best display of Christmas lights we’ve ever seen on somebody’s home. 25,000 lights and the most popular Disney song in years means there’s probably a queue of kids outside this house every single night! Sit back and enjoy the show!!

Oh, one more thing…we said best display of lights on somebody’s home for a reason. Disney, of course, are the proud owners of the best Christmas lights EVER with this magnificent showpiece. Watch the entire performance, or skip to around 7 min 20 for the grand finale!! Simply put? Wow.

(images and clips, YouTube)


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