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The Top 12 Rules Of ’12 Pubs Of Christmas’


The 12 Pubs of Christmas has become somewhat of an Irish tradition in recent years. Like eating turkey and pulling crackers, one must also participate in the ’12 pubs’ in order for Christmas to be complete.

If you are completely put of the loop, let us fill you in.

You and your mates don the most outrageous Christmas jumpers/accessories known to man – the uglier or ridiculous the better (We’re talking string lights hanging from your ears here people!). You must then trek between a total of 12, yes 12 different pubs in your area, buying AND drinking a full drink in each … sounds easy … Did we mention all the crazy rules that go along with you? Yes, To make matters worse there are strict, complicated and unnecessary rules that you must abide by upon visiting each pub, which believe it or not your drunk friends will still find a way to enforce.

Some of you may be embarking on this grand old tradition in the weekends leading up to Christmas, So we thought we’d have a look at the ultimate 12 Rules Of The 12 Pubs Of Christmas ….


1) Starting off simple. You must drink with the hand you don’t use. Easy to abide by, you’re only one drink in – Just don’t put your drink down so there’s no chance you’ll pick it up in the wrong hand to a chorus of shouts and screams from your friends. Did we mention there are penalties for breaking the rules. ‘Shot’ penalties. Oh dear!

2) ‘The Accent Pub’. You all must speak in an accent other than our native Dublin. This one is of course easy to spot the rule breakers as nobody can drop accents until they leave said pub. Roll on desperate Aussie, Jamaican and british accents that some of our poor Paddys just cannot grasp. Hilarity ensues.

3) ‘The Silent pub’ – The other end of the spectrum is the silent round. You can order your drink but that’s it. Stay zipped until that drink is finished and you are on to the next pub. A large silent group of people won’t look weird AT ALL.


4) The ‘Partner’ – You can only drink your drink if its ‘fed to you’ by a partner. Yep,  buddy up with a pal and you control the drink in hand. It will bring you all a little closer.

5) Shoe Swap time. Needs no explanation. Get the lads in them heels and enjoy the comfort of a sweaty converse for the duration of this pub.

6) No Swearing – Harder than it seems.

7) No Pointing – Apparently we do it more than we think.

8) A hilarious rule we stumbled across was that whoever finishes their drink last must carry a random item around the next pub. Random item can include but may not be limited to a large slice pan of bread, a stuffed animal or a kitchen appliance.


9) The ‘Fancy cocktail round’ Everyone must order a fancy pants cocktail. Though the barman will probably hate each and every one of you.

10) Speak in song lyrics/movie quotes. This can be tricky if you are nearing the end of your night, but it will also be equally hilarious to try speak to each other only using a song lyric or movie quote.

11) Selfie with a stranger – Easy peasy, sure we do that on a normal night out anyway

12) Pint of water every 3 pubs. It will help you get through. If you feel in any way dodgey through out, then stop drinking. It is a game after all and it’s not fun if someone gets sick or gets into trouble. We don’t want to encourage irresponsible drinking so these rules are strictly for the experienced 12 ‘Pubs participants’. Look out for each other and to hell with changing pubs if you’ve found a good spot then stick to it and just continue your rules there!!



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