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Best. Emmy. Promo. Ever.


For tv stars all over America, their big awards night is happening in a few days with The Primetime Emmys set to take place once again. The ceremony itself is almost as big a deal as The Oscars when it comes to red carpet glitz and glam, so naturally the producers want to make sure as many people as possible tune in.

Well, when it comes to advertising your event, we cant think of a better group of names than Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The pair teamed up with Julia Louis-Dreyfus for this spoof video to promote The Emmys.

Needless to say, the video is quickly going viral with the Breaking Bad duo still hot property stateside ( 2 million hits in less than a day!!). Stay watching til the end, the video is absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh!!

(Images and source – Tumblr, Huffpost, YouTube)


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