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Home Alone…The Very Unofficial Sequel!!


When you think of the film Home Alone, you immediately think of the cute-as-a-button Kevin McCallister, the street-smart 8 year old kid who defeated 2 burglars.

If you don’t want to destroy that happy memory, then maybe don’t watch the video below!

In this skit, which turns very dark very quickly, McCauley Culkin reprises his famous role for ‘Just Me In The House By Myself ‘. It has been jokingly described as the unofficial follow up to Home Alone, in which Kevin has clearly been left extremely troubled by the 2 villains that terrorised him 25 years earlier when his family took off on holiday!

The short is the first in a web series called DRYVRS in which creator Jack Dishel is a passenger in an Uber car.


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