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Could Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond???


Daniel Craig is reprising his role as James bond next year in Spectre, the follow up to the hugely successful Skyfall, but many have wondered if this is to be his last outing as the world’s most famous spy,

According to info learned from the Sony hack, some people at the company feel that British actor Idris Elba would be perfect for the role. Elba has presence,, swagger, charisma and the rough edge needed for the part and then some.



However, there are still people in Hollywood and beyond that won’t accept Elba because of his skin colour. Elba himself has made no secret to the fact that he’d love to play the character, and if he were given a chance it would be a great way to confirm a long held fan theory that the name James Bond is actually a code name, so all of the actors we’ve seen play the part were all different spies and not playing just the one.

We wanna know what you guys think; If Elba has all the right attributes do you think he should be considered for the role of James Bond?!


(Images and source – Huffpost, Tumblr, Pinterest)


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