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The Internet Isn’t Loving Beyonce’s New Bangs!!


Beyonce showed off her latest hairdo yesterday as she boarded a train in Paris…but social media was awash last night with people who REALLY didn’t like her latest look!

Plenty of blogs popped up with headlines like “Did Blue Ivy Cut Beyonce’s Baby Bangs” and people took to Twitter to voice their outrage at her for daring to change her hairstyle!! It seems a little over the top to be soooo critical of it, when you consider how difficult it must be to be in the spotlight all of the time and never being able to have an off day.



It’s not even the first time she’s gone with a look similar to this. Her appearance in Lady Gaga’s Telephone video (above) was almost identical to her latest ‘do. Whatever you think of her new style, Bey is still the queen as far as her millions and millions of fans are concerned, and no one can be perfect all of the time, so can we all cut her a little slack please?!  😉


(Images and source – PopSugar, Huffpost, Celebuzz)



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