The Item On Every Girls Wish List?


We love a good selfie as much as the next gal, but have things been taken too far?

This week saw the release of the ‘Selfie Brush’.

That’s right, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Literally a hair-brush which you can enclose your phone in and snap away. We admit we got a bit excited when we heard. I mean it’s all of our dreams to take decent pictures at extended arms length, but sometimes its hard to grip the phone, right? And what about when your friend springs a selfie on you and you have no time to brush your hair, et voila – The Selfie Brush!

Okay we feel silly even saying this but it still feels like something we should all own, right?


The company describe it as ‘convenient for your handbag due to its ‘easily found handle’ , “The Selfie Brush is a fabulous paddle brush and cellphone case in one. Have your best hair in every selfie”. I guess we can get on board with that! But what about talking into your hair brush while walking down the street? We’re undecided on that lol! selfie_productshots8




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