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Jennifer Maguire Accidently Announces Pregnancy!!


The baby boom continues folks!! First it was Amy and BOD yesterday (totally stealing the thunder from Kate and Wills BTW), and now, tv and radio star Jennifer MAguire has confirmed that she too is pregnant!!

Jen’s 2fm co-star Bernard blurted out on air that Jennifer and Amy Huberman can now be best friends, which rather awkwardly forced the Republic of Telly star to come clean and tell listeners that she’s expecting a baby with her hubby Lau Zamparelli. The couple wed last July in the fab Castle Leslie.

Jen admitted that her honeymoon didn’t go as smoothly as she would have liked due to morning sickness on the trip.

“My honeymoon, supposed to be my greatest holiday, was my worst experience being abroad. I cried because I was so ill. I couldn’t even go for dinner with my husband. I ate bananas and Special K for three weeks!!”


Jennifer also confessed that giving in to cravings was hard, as she likes to keep herself in shape, but has to let that go so she can function properly and not be as sick all the time. She’s been indulging in the likes of pizza and chocolate for breakfast, and the sickness hasn’t gone away.

“They say the sickness stops…it doesn’t. They say you’ll feel amazing….you don’t feel amazing, you feel like crap!”

Her co-hosts tweeted a pic to show their support for Jennifer, who finally joked that if people stay tuned to the end of the show she’d reveal who the father is!! Glad to see her sense of humour still seems perfectly intact! Best of luck and congrats Jen!


(Images and source – Independent, 2fm)


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