NYC Update: Day 1!


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HELLO from the other side….. NYC!

I’m finally here and wow…. I love this city so much already, I would move here tomorrow if the right opportunity came up.

We left Dublin at 11am this morning and flew with Delta airlines thanks to Tour America. The plane journey itself was nice and smooth and the crew were so friendly. Unfortunately though the inflight movies weren’t working for the first x4 hours of the journey and that was painful…. but soon the team rebooted the movie system and it was all back up and running. I watched Maleficent the Disney movie and cried like a baby – has anyone seen it? I loved it…. Angelina Jolie is so amazing in it, then again, when does she ever not play a blinder – the woman is so talented.

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As soon as we landed it was into a taxi and straight to our apartment to get settled. Dylan’s friends have been working and living over here for quite some time now so we met up with Jack, went for a bite to eat, had a nose around the streets and of course squuezd in some shopping!

On the way to meet Jack, I found this really cool little thrifty/vintage shop – I just fell in love with all the old school jewellery… the pieces are so elegant and the detail is impeccable.


We stopped off in a Grill & Steakhouse house for some grub, a drink and and to get some WIFI. I just LOVE when the place I’m dining in has wifi, it’s like asking the shop assistant if the top is in your size, she checks and it is…. it’s a happy feeling, well for me anyway 😉 I gotta keep you guys updated.

Soon after we left there and headed towards MACY’s  – OMG heaven!!!! Just wow… I got lost in the shopping zone as soon as I came through the door. Of course I bought something – I had to…. and it was a stunning pair of Steve Madden heels that were reduced from $140 to $90. Chi Ching 🙂

As soon as I saw them, I wanted them, I rufffled through the sale rail until I found my size, tried them on and they fitted like glove. I will probably wear them tomorrow to NYFW.


Myself and Jack 🙂

Tomorrow I am heading to some really cool shows…. I’m currently here trying to pick out my outfit and I dont know what to go with. I’m thinking more along the lines of a effortless look, nothing too fitted?

After I choose what I’m going to wear, it’s a quick shower and then out for a bite to eat with Dylan and his two pals, so were looking forward to that. Dylan is the designated photographer for the 10 days haha… so I think tonight will be his ONLY night with no camera in his hand, so he’s looking forward to it 🙂

Anyway overall the city is AMAZING. When we were driving back to our apartment this evening, I had my taxi window down full with my head stuck to the rim of it just taking everything in. This city is everything I hoped it to be and exactly like the movies. It looks amazing in the evenings when all the lights have just come on… seriously cool and I am so excited for the next ten days 🙂


Outfit details: (better include these ha)

Jeans: Buy here 

Jacket: Vintage / Reworked leather from 9 Crow Street

Runners: Buy here

Bag: Buy here

Necklace: Buy here ( and it’s only €6)

Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Well that’s it for now…  I better go and get ready for dinner! 🙂

Until tomorrow, goodnight Ireland

Sue xxx













  1. Alittlelondoner
    11 September 2014 / 17:31

    I generally really like your blog, but “liking wifi in places you eat”? Seriously, what’s happened to eating,talking and enjoying your company!?

  2. Nicola
    11 September 2014 / 09:36

    where did you get your glasses?

  3. Sareen
    10 September 2014 / 14:55

    I hope I bump into u here. I’m from Ireland but live here a few years now. The Macy thing is great for discounts. Also if can download a app called retail me not or get it in safari. Screen shot coupons for looooads of stores. The stuff in the city is expensive. Every lil helps.

  4. 10 September 2014 / 13:52

    ohh I didnt know that…. I will 100% do that next time I’m in before I go :). Thanks Serena. xx

  5. Serena
    10 September 2014 / 12:43

    Dont Forgot when you go to Macy’s if you show them your passport you can get a discount card which gives you 10% off most items ( 4th floor I think to get it) : )

  6. Anon
    10 September 2014 / 11:42

    How many spelling mistakes are in this piece? Seriously bad blogging…

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