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You Know It’s Winter When…


There are many ways to tell it is Winter in Ireland, other than the obvious changes in weather (But let’s face it, isn’t it always like Winter anyway?)

Here are some alternative ways you know it’s Winter …

shining jack frozen

–  You get into your car but it’s 20 minutes before you actually drive because a) You can’t find you fog lights or b) you have to wait for your windows to melt. Other signs are your Mammy boiling the kettle and running in and out 8 times to your windscreen.


– Everybody is sick. Everybody. You and your loved ones are either ‘just getting over a cold’ or ‘feel one coming on’. Common traits of such ailments are

– Finding tissues stuffed up the sleeves of your cardigan

– Handbags full of uniflu and benilyn instead of makeup

– Noses to rival Rudolph

– Unwillingness to touch anyone or anything

– Many conversations involving how ‘the change in weather brought it on’


– Diets go out the window or else are completely negated by all the extra eating happening. We already find ourselves saying ‘Ah sure it’s nearly Christmas’ when helping ourselves to extra biscuits or those cheeky hot chocolates every night. Not to mention all the turkey festing we’ve yet to do.


– Bye Bye razor. You may notice you’re leaving an ‘extra few days’ between shaving our legs. Sure what’s the point when we’re hidden away under tights and boots?!


– It gets harder and harder to leave your bed in the morning. It’s cold, It’s dark, It’s cosy inside your duvet burrito. Leave us alone life!!

santa claus

– The Christmas countdowns have begun on Facebook. As soon as the Halloween pumpkins come down, the Santas come out. They arrive in the shopping centres and you find yourself asking every child you encounter between now and December 24th ‘Whats Santy bringing for you?’.


– The prospect of going out at the weekend terrifies you. But it’s the one time of year everybody books you for nights out. You’d much rather sit on the couch wrapped up with a Disney flick or X Factor.


– You leave for work in the dark. You come home in the dark. Days do not exist anymore.


– Your washing basket gets fuller quicker due to all the extra tops, jumpers, socks and hoodies you’re wearing.


– You wake in the middle of the night needing to pee but you’re afraid to leave the warmth of your bed so you sneak out the side of your duvet so the heat doesn’t escape.



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