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Lottie Moss Makes Her Modeling Debut!!


Since she was inadvertently discovered at big sister Kate’s wedding when she was a doe-eyed 13 year old, media interest in Lottie has swelled. Until this year, she denied all photo shoot and interview requests on her parents’ orders. Perhaps having learned from previous experience, Lottie’s mom and dad insisted she focus on her studies.

Now though, Lottie has landed her first proper, with a shoot for Teen Vogue, and Lottie says the magazine is what she is aspiring to for her first ever cover down the line.



Inside the magazine she gives some insight into her life and into her own fashion choices; Wanna know which accessory she cant live without?! Scrunchies! “They’re really good! I get them at River Island and vintage places.”

Wanna know which designer shop she would raid if money were no object: Christian Louboutin. “My dream would be to have all his shoes, but I can’t afford any because I don’t have a job, and I can’t make my parents pay for that.”

Lottie also shares with us her most prized possession: “The bridesmaid dress I got for Kate’s wedding, which is Stella McCartney.”



The one thing Lottie won’t discuss is her big sister…after all, she wants to be valued as her own person, but she does admit that it was Kate that inspired her to become a model, and she’s happy to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Here’s to a bright future for a girl who could yet turn out to be one of modeling’s biggest stars!


(Images and source – Teen Vogue)


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