Pick Out Your Outfits Like Cher from Clueless.

If you were a fan of cult 90’s film Clueless back in the day, then you’ll remember lead character, Cher Horowitz’s amazing virtual wardrobe which she used to browse her clothing and choose a perfectly coordinated ensemble. The crude early 90’s computer monitor might be what jumps out at you when you view it now, but all the same the prospect of such a program is still pretty amazing!


This type of program is now a reality in the form of a brand new 2014 app. MyDressing, available to view at mydressing.co (yes, .co), allows you to upload your entire wardrobe into your phone, match outfits, divide your clothing into categories and share your creations with friends!


Sounds pretty cool to us. Check out the video clip above to see how it works.

(image source: qatarcultureclub.blogspot.com, mashable.com, mydressing.co, youtube.com)


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