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Miranda Kerr Credits Mindfulness & Yoga For Helping Her Beat Depression


Model Miranda Kerr has credited mindfulness, yoga and healthy eating with helping her to overcome the deep depression she suffered following her split from husband, Orlando Bloom.

She told Elle Canada, “When Orlando and I separated I actually fell into a really bad depression. I never understood that depth of that feeling or the reality of that because I was naturally a very happy person.  My mom actually used to call me a ‘giggling Gert’ because I was always laughing, even in my sleep!”

Miranda added that she now understands how “every thought you have affects your reality and only you have control of your mind.”


She told the magazine that the dark experience helped her realise that “all of the answers you need are deep inside of you”, before going on to advise, “sit with yourself, take a few breaths and get close to your spirit.”

As well as meditating twice daily, the former Victoria’s Secret model also practices yoga and clean eating.


She explained, “When I wake up and when I go to bed, I have that attitude of gratitude and I say, ‘Thank you for this beautiful day, for this roof over my head, for the fact that I have my health and my son has his health, and thank you for our family.”

Miranda – who is currently planning her 2017 wedding to her Snapchat CEO fiancé, Evan Spiegel – has a 5 year old son Flynn with ex Orlando.


She told the magazine, “For my birthday last year, my boyfriend put candles leading down to the back of the garden, where he had planted a willow for me. That’s my favourite tree because I have this philosophy that we should all be like willow trees—people think that in a big storm, the oak is the strongest tree, but it’s actually the willow tree because it’s very, very flexible.”

Miranda’s full interview will appear in the December issue of Elle Canada.


Pics via Miranda Kerr Instagram


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