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#ThrowbackThursday: The Children From The Christmas Cornflakes Ad!


You can put up as many Christmas trees as you like, you can even hang up the decorations and tear open a dozen selection boxes, but it still won’t feel properly like Christmas until you have turned on the TV and seen the horses running through the snow in the Budweiser ad, the brightly lit Christmas lorry in the Coke Cola ad, the snowman flying through the air with the little boy in the An Post ad, and the 3 children trying to sneak a peek at Santa in the Cornflakes ad.

christmas tv ads

Well just this week, we spotted the Cornflakes ad, so we here in SoSueMe decided that this weeks #ThrowbackThursday post should be all about the three children who starred in this beloved symbol of the Yuletide season!

Want to know what all 3 children look like now?

Read on!

The toddler in the pink onesie

Kelloggs christmas ad

The cute blonde toddler in the pink onesie was actually played by TWINS, Holly and Alexandra Stapley. There wasn’t one kid in Ireland who didn’t feel a massive pang of jealousy every time they saw her talking to Santa.

Holly, who got married back in 2013, now works as a nurse, while Alexandra is a sales rep for Nissan in Canada.

While Holly has done some work as a model, (most notably for a brand of meditation rings), Alexandra enjoyed a small part in the SoSueMe film favourite Mean Girls, where she played the role of Taylor!  download (5)

Best of all, one of the Stapley twins even lived in IRELAND for a time when on a college exchange trip!

According to this college article by CáitMoloney, the girl lived in Cork and attended UCC! Unfortunately however, it isn’t confirmed exactly which twin made the trip.

Here’s Holly today…

holly stapley

And here’s Alexandra…

alexandra stapley

In the first picture, Alexandra can be seen to the far right of Holly. The second picture is a still of Alexandra in her role in Mean Girls. 

The brotherKyle Labine

The role of the confident young brother was played by 32 year-old Toronto actor Jonathan Kyle Labine (he goes by the name Kyle).

Kyle has spent his life working TV and film and has enjoyed roles in Halloween: Resurrection, X-Men Evolution, The Twilight Zone, and Murdoch Mysteries to name but a small few. He also works as an audition coach in an acting workshop business run by his wife Sophie. They have 2 children.

You can follow Kyle on Twitter here.

The eldest sister 

download (7)

It took us FOREVER to track her down but we finally managed to get a name for girl who played the older sister in the ad!

The bespectacled child who uttered those famous words,“I dunno….this seems very unorthodox”, was played by Canadian, Terri Lynn. Not much is known about Terri other than her age (32), and her base, (Montreal)! Clearly we need to hone our stalking skills.

For those of you who want that Christmas feeling, here’s the ad itself!

If there is any particular topic you would like us to cover for next week’s #TBT, just comment below!  




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